My Springsteen story and Top 50 songs

November 20, 2009 | Drew Forrester

November 20 has arrived and The Boss and His Band are in town.

Maybe…just maybe…for the last time ever.

There are a lot of reports circulating that Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band might be concluding their final tour tonight in Baltimore and Sunday in Buffalo.

Unlike a lot of long-in-the-tooth rock-n-rollers, Springsteen – according to those who know him and that’s only a select few – has hinted that this is the way he wants to go out:  on top, playing great music, with energy, passion and a smile on his face.

And while Bruce is a relatively fit 60-year old man, the others in the band are showing wear and tear.  Nils Lofgren seems reasonably mobile still, but Stevie and Clarence are both struggling with varying health conditions and without those two on stage, The Band just isn’t The Band. 

So when I go to First Mariner Arena tonight to see Bruce, I’m going there with the mindset that it will be my last time watching him perform live.  This is show #8 for me, which hardly qualifies me as a Springsteen show-chaser, but I’ve seen him at the Cap Centre, Verizon, East Rutherford and tonight, in Baltimore. 

I spent 17 years of my life in that barn downtown working in the soccer business.   I’ve had a lot of great moments in the Civic Center-Baltimore Arena so it will be especially cool for me to see Springsteen tonight with a bunch of Blast/Spirit banners in the rafters waving to the sounds of “Born to Run”.

If you’ve listened to the show this week, you know I’ve aired my Top 50 songs.  It was hard to do songs 50 to 11 because I’m such a huge fan that song #49, Jackson Cage, could have easily switched spots with, for example, song #25, One Step Up.

But my Top 10 was really not that hard.  I knew my #1 before I started the list on Monday and had a pretty decent idea of my top five within about two minutes of coming up with the idea.  My top five haven’t changed in a long time.

If you’re going tonight, the WNST gang (me included) will be at The Nest (Pratt Street, across from Convention Center) at 5pm for a little pre-show refreshment.  We can share Bruce stories and toast the greatest rocker of our generation. 

Here’s my top 50 list:

50.  Countin’ on a miracle

49.  Jackson Cage

48.  Livin’ in the Future

47.  Something in the Night

46.  Mary’s Place

45.  Brilliant Disguise

44.  Point Blank

43.  Ain’t Got You

42.  What Love Can Do

41.  Life Itself

40.  Downbound Train

39.  Darkness on The Edge of Town

38.  Girls in their summer clothes

37.  Sherry Darling

36.  Walk Like A Man

35.  I’m goin’ down

34.  Two Hearts

33.  Valentine’s Day

32.  Working on the Highway

31.  Empty Sky

30.  Streets of Fire

29.  Dancing in the Dark

28.  Waitin’ on a Sunny Day

27.  Cadillac Ranch

26.  Tunnel of Love

25.  One Step Up

24.  Adam raised a Cain

23.  Land of Hope and Dreams

22.  Radio Nowhere

21.  Spirit in The Night

20.  Racing In The Streets

19.  My love will not let you down

18.  Rosalita

17.  Lucky Day

16.  Lonesome Day

15.  The Promised Land

14.  I’m a Rocker

13.  Janey don’t you lose your heart

12.  The Ties that bind

11.  10th Avenue Freeze-Out

And my Top 10, updated throughout Friday’s show:

10.  Badlands

9.  Born To Run

8.  The Rising

7.  Thunder Road

6.  My City of Ruins

5.  Kitty’s Back

4.  You’re Missing

3.  Jungleland

2.  Out in the street

1.  Bobby Jean (not even close)