My thoughts on the o’s as I see it

August 18, 2010 |

The orioles are going good right now but do we expect them to do the same next year? I don’t as long as mcphail and company decide to bring in some big bats at the corner positions. When you have ty wigginton as your number 3 hitter and luke scott as number 4 good luck competing against the AL east. The hot free agents this winter include carl crawford, carlos pena, and adrian beltre. These 3 would make the orioles a lot better. But the problem I have with pena is he’s a .220 this year and beltre I think is a product of a red sox lineup. Crawford I think would be a great addition to the top of this lineup. But knowing mcphail he will try to resurrect a career just like he tried with garrett atkins. For this organization to get any respectability back they need to start winning and fast.