NASCAR Has It’s Problems ….. Too

February 14, 2008 |

If NASCAR is lacking in any particular area ….. it regards telling the TRUTH on controversial or “hot button” topics.

Sure, the sanctioning body for any/every sport does their part to camouflage the truth, if it’s damning and embarrassing for the industry. However, going to great lengths to perpetuate lies and mislead others is another story.

Let’s face it, such poor discretion was flavored in Roger Clemens’ appearance before Congress, yesterday. It certainly led to Bud Selig’s numerous trips there. And, the NFL is brandishing their own version of “Pinocchio-ism” in regard to issues with former debilitated stars, as well as its battle with performance enhancing substances.

For NASCAR, they choose to define rules and violations whenever a transgression occurs. They seem to apply penalties and sanctions in accordance with their financial stake or exposure in a respective competitor’s punishment. Thus, you’ll see Jeff Gordon treated more kindly than the “other” Gordon (i.e. Robby) whenever they’ve misbehaved.

If you doubt my take, just look at Tony Stewart. He’s been put on probation more times than a “Curtis Bay Hooker.” He lives on freakin’ probation. In fact, if he’s on probation and breaks a rule, the punishment has been an extension of the probation !!!! I’m not embellishing ….. this is how it goes.

In fact, we haven’t even had the Daytona 500 – NASCAR’s first race of the season, and Stewart has been placed on probation ….. along with Kurt Busch. This sanction stems from their on-track incident in last Friday’s practice session. The problem ….. Stewart didn’t do anything wrong while on the racetrack. And, if I’m defending the guy, you know he’s innocent – there’s not a sliver of #20 paraphernalia in the Snider house.

The truth is Kurt Busch is being punished for the on-track skirmish, while Stewart is being punished for punching Busch, in the NASCAR trailer, after parking their cars. Yeah, Stewart punched Busch, but NASCAR won’t admit it. They’re stance of “what happens in the trailer, stays in the trailer” is hogwash.

This isn’t Vegas ….. and we’re not talking about a wild night in a brothel. So, don’t lean on the “Sin City Motto” as a crutch. Just divulge what happened. Stewart ….. who ALWAYS gets away with DOING ANYTHING HE WANTS planted a fist on Kurt Busch’s noggin’ …..

He did it, because he can. NASCAR knows that disclosing an assault on one star, by another star will be humiliating for the sport. It would also embarrass Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Subway, Toyota and anyone else with a fiduciary affiliation to Stewart. And, trust me ….. their financial presence is ALWAYS a consideration.

In fact, with NASCAR ….. what’s financially prudent always comes before what’s right and honest. To this degree, Brian France and his NASCAR community are as filthy as Major League Baseball and the National Football League.

In essence, to openly admit Stewart assaulted Busch, would paint NASCAR in a difficult corner. Other sports SUSPEND competitors whenever they assault each other outside the “arena of play.” In fact, most sanctioning bodies will render a suspension if the assault occurs “on the field,” too.

NASCAR simply can’t ….. or won’t afford this. France has gone to such extreme lengths to distance his sport from any comparison to it’s blue-collar roots, that he won’t openly admit the sport’s stars are as REAL as Cale Yarborough, Bobby Allison, David Pearson and Fireball Roberts.

NASCAR tries so hard to promote a family image and an elegant “dining room” appeal ….. when the truth is its kitchen is as DIRTY as it ever was. With their hell-bent emphasis on promoting the big stars at all costs ….. integrity and credibility get compromised. A “Daytona 500” without Tony Stewart ??? Mike Huckabee has a better chance of being the next president, before Tony ever sits out a race …..

In the end, I don’t know what’s worse ….. passively encouraging Stewart’s behavior and assault on another individual, or lying about it. Yes ….. failing to readily disclose what happened in that trailer, when asked, is simply a case of inherent dishonesty. NASCAR has become an enabler for Tony Stewart and all those like him.

The day is coming. During one of his episodes of juvenile rage, Stewart is gonna slug the wrong guy. For God’s sake, he’s not a stunt double for Hulk Hogan. He stands at 5’9” and he’s not subscribing to the same “Subway diet” worshipped by Jared.

In fact, if you’ve seen Stewart in the past week, you’re probably wondering if he’s now sponsored by Cactus Willie’s Buffet ….. or if he swallowed a Volkswagen. Good grief ….. as proponents of NASCAR constantly defend it as a sport, Stewart has the selfish guile to make his 2008 debut looking like James Gandolfini’s little brother.

Ahhh, physical fitness is a topic for another day. The theme of this blog is honesty, and NASCAR’S reluctance to put it ahead of other concerns. This puts them in the same boat with the baseball, football and basketball. See ….. I told you it was a sport.