NBA All-Star Game Blog: At The Half

February 18, 2008 |

Computer difficulties are terrible. Missed most of TNT’s pre-game.   Heard the Canadian National Anthem in the background; whoever did it sounded good.

What on earth is up with our National Anthem? Just sing the song and don’t try to make it into a production. 

I really like the NBA’s promo “Where ___ happens.” Good to hear Marv Albert’s voice; he really is the voice of the NBA.  

Mr. Blackwell alert:  whose idea were these horrendous two color reversible uniforms? Foot Locker won’t even carry these ugly things. 
First quarter
11:00 left
·         The Dwight Howard show has begun, alley oop pass from  LeBron James and a blocked shot
10:00 left
·         Melo is on the board, East leads, 8-4
9:00 left
·         Steve Nash is in, how does he not start the game?
·         LeBron James and Dwight Howard:  now that would be a great combination
8:00 left
·         Jason Kidd to LeBron on a spectacular alley oop, East leads,12-5
7:00 left
·         Does the West know the game has started, East leads,18-7?
News Break
·         Jason Kidd trade still up in the air, but it looks like it will go through. Kobe is out for the rest of the game. Why did he even bother to start?
4:00  left
·         West was on 8-0 run until Chauncey Billups broke that up
·         They just showed Bourbon Street.  I wonder if Adam “Pacman” Jones is in town.   Remember this is the event when he got into trouble last year? 
Celebrity Update
T.O. is in the house, no crying yet… Arnold is also in the house, so is notorious athlete chaser Alyssa Milano
Doug Collins is a great analyst, Reggie Miller not so much.   Somebody wake this crowd; it’s worse than Camden Yards on a Tuesday.   Love this camera angle that TNT is using.
East leads the game, 34-28 at the end of the first quarter. Game is pretty weak so far. 
Second Quarter
10:00 Left—40-34, East still leading
·         Reggie Miller with the comment of the night, “there isn’t a lot of defense being played here tonight”.
8:46 left—46-39, East in front
·         Ray Allen might have the sweetest stroke in basketball!
6:45 left
·         Dwight Howard is putting on a slam dunk show, and Chris Paul is hitting everything… East leads, 62-53.
5:08 left– 62-53, East leads
·         The game has officially returned to the playground.   I think we are witnessing the Dwight Howard era of dominance begin.
2:39 left –East leads, 64-57
·         Hope the City of New Orleans can make it all the way back; it’s a great city. Don’t think the Hornets can survive the way the city is right now.
At the Half – East 74, West 65—LeBron James and Dwight Howard have 12 points each.
After last night, this has been sort of a bummer. It just isn’t as good the old days with Magic, Jordan and Bird.     That’s all for tonight…enjoy the second half