NBA All-Star Game Blog

February 18, 2008 |

Pre- game thoughts 7:55 p.m.
Here are some thoughts as they happen …. This game has a tough act to follow after last night and the show Dwight Howard and Gerald Green put on. The Superman dunk and the birthday cake dunk might be two of the best dunks I have ever seen. Don’t know if it’s wise for Kobe Bryant to play in this game, after all it’s just a glorified exhibition game. This was my favorite all-star game growing up; I probably looked forward to this game more than any other game.   I always enjoyed seeing Magic Johnson and Isaiah Thomas try to outdo each other. 
Charles Barkley may just be one of the funniest humans alive. Is it me or is he even better than Dennis Miller was supposed to be on Monday Night Football? It’s just genuine funny, not contrived.
Jason Kapano of the Raptors can just flat shoot the rock, as he proved by winning his second straight three point title.   I’ll bet that Spike Lee is in the crowd.
Check back at the half for more…