NBC’s Dateline focuses on Steve McNair’s Death – Tonite

August 31, 2009 |

Yes, I realize the Ravens season opener is just 13 days away AND Matt Cassel might not be taking any snaps, at M&T Bank Stadium …..

And, the New York Yankees are in town. Which means the Orioles will be getting demolished, at the hands of Derek Jeter, A’Rod and Mark Teixeira, as they enjoy their “home away from home,” for three nights.

The overwhelming, sad truth is Yankees fans have held a death-grip on this city, during their team’s visits, for close to a decade. Tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday will be no different.

However, if you are looking for something different to occupy your Monday evening …..

NBC’s Dateline will take an in-depth look into the murder of Steve McNair. The program will focus on the circumstances of McNair’s death, as well as his personal life. NBC’s Lester Holt teases the piece, by saying “investigators reveal what led McNair to a life where he faced far more dangers off the field, than he ever faced on it.”

The trailer for Monday’s Dateline is found below …..


I’m not a big believer in conspiracy theories. Nor, do I believe the very best criminal investigators known to law enforcement simply fail to uncover the so-called facts found by tabloid journalists. It’s mostly propaganda.

But, I’ll watch it.

After all, it’s better than watching the Bronx Bombers take batting practice, at Yankee Stadium – South.