NCAA Lacrosse Championship

June 02, 2011 | Michael Schwartz

The Maryland lacrosse team had a heartbreaking loss to end their season in the NCAA Championship. They played a very good team in Virginia. Virginia led by senior Adam Ghitlemen in goal, junior Steele Stanwick at attack, and Collin Briggs at midfield. In the championship, Collin Briggs had a career game. Briggs had four goals and really was the key to the Virginia offense. His goals were from ten yards and out, and he was hitting corners. Briggs was shooting perfectly and moving the ball well. Ghitlemen was stout in goal; he only let in 7 goals from a very good Maryland offense. Stanwick was pretty quiet in this game but he was used as a decoy and was guarded by Maryland’s top defender. Maryland’s offense couldn’t get much started against a very good Virginia defense.

When Maryland got Ryan Young, Travis Reed, and Grant Catalino four years ago people expected them to win National Championships. However, this is the only one they had reached in the four years and they lost. Travis Reed was injured all year so Owen Blye, a sophomore, took his place and played pretty well. In the championship he had one goal and it was a left hand shot and it stung the corner. Ryan Young had one goal, but missed to empty net goals. Catalino scored the first goal of the game, but after that Virginia went into a zone and stopped Maryland’s offense. Maryland’s defense played average but in the first quarter Niko Amato made every save. He was playing great, but after that he started letting in shots high to high. However, the defense was letting guys have wide open shots from the crease. This was something that Maryland couldn’t figure out and cost them the game.

What’s next for Maryland? They have 15 seniors on the team. Grant Catalino, Travis Reed, Dan Burns, Eric Boyle, Max Schmidt, Michael White, Scott LaRue, Justin Byle, Ryan Young, Fran Gormley, Shane Hall, Ryder Bohlander, Brian Farrell, Warren Hanson, and Brett Schmidt. This includes three starting attackmen. This also includes a starting long stick midfielder and two starting defensemen. This means that they will have their goalie, one defender, and two midfielders left for next year. These will be some starters but the others are to be named later. The Maryland Terps will have a tough time making the tournament in the next few years, because it is basically a rebuilding year. They will have talent with the Bernhardt brothers and with their face off man. In the championship, Curtis Holmes, FOGO, won over 75% of the face offs. Maryland will still be a good organization because of Coach John Tillman and he will figure out how to get back in the tournament.