New Tex wrinkle: Family not pressuring him to sign here

December 17, 2008 | Drew Forrester

A person familiar with the Teixeira family in Anne Arundel County told me last night that Mark’s mother and father are putting no pressure on him to sign in Baltimore.

As we all follow this drama minute-by-minute (great Doobie Brothers album, by the way), I assume most of us think Tex gets eight text messages and four phone calls a day from his mom saying, “Mark…please come home and play in Baltimore so I can see you and Leigh (his wife) all summer.”

He’s not getting that kind of heat at all.

His family merely wants him to make the best decision and the one he’s the most comfortable with, no matter what the team or what the city.

Not an earth-shattering development or anything, but I guess it’s worth noting that Teixeira is under no great pressure from his family to sign in Baltimore.

I was hoping (maybe beyond hope) that he was getting some heat from mom and dad to come home and play golf at Chartwell and ice skate at Benfield and take day trips with them down to Annapolis.

Evidently, that’s not happening.

In other words…it’s all up to Mark now.