New Towson lax coach Shawn Nadelen: “I always feel like that I’m going to finish on top”

June 01, 2011 | Ryan Chell

Towson University- like several other schools in the area-has had to go to work recently in replacing several institutions in their coaching staff, and over the last several months Towson reached out to Pittsburgh and Pat Skerry to replace longtime coach Pat Kennedy.

And when tasked with the same issue when it came to replacing the men’s lacrosse coach as Tony Seaman-who has been a lacrosse coach for 30 years-announced his resignation on May9th after finishing his thirteenth season at Towson with a 3-10, the coaching search for Seaman was a little bit closer to home.

The search committee led by athletic director Mike Waddell took three weeks to filter through the candidates, but in the end the best man for the job was right on their own doorstep, as the school announced that Shawn Nadelen-an assistant for Seaman over the last seven seasons-would move into Seaman’s office and take the job in a larger capacity for the Tigers.

Shawn Nadelen

He was introduced on Tuesday-where he also joined “The Morning Reaction” with Drew Forrester, who broke the story of Seaman’s departure back on May 9th.

The first thing that Nadelen told Forrester? That he expected to get the job from day one of the search.

“I always feel like that I’m going to finish on top,” Nadelen told Forrester. “It’s just the mentality that I have.”

“Going through the interview process, I felt like I delivered myself and my vision for the program well put myself in the best position-I thought-to have a good shot at this.”

A 2001 graduate of Hopkins-where he was a four year starter on defense and named an All-American- he got to learn under the best in Dave Pietramala.

“Coach Pietramala challenged us in practice every day,” Nadelen said later Tuesday in his introductory press conference. “He was completely prepared for practices and games and his intensity was contagious. To this day, I’m proud to have him as a mentor and friend.”

Nadelen said that his former mentor in Seaman has also made the transition seamless and that having Tony’s backing has been the best thing to happen for him and the program so far.

“Coach Seaman’s word is as good as gold,” Nadelen said. “To have his backing, it just allows me to have such great support, and it gives me the confidence knowing that he understands what it takes to be successful in college coaching.”

And with that, he has been sure to hold any criticism of his former boss when it comes to fixing the problems with the Tigers lacrosse team, which finished 3-10 and 1-5 in the CAA in 2010-2011.

“It’s not that we did things improperly or poorly under Coach Seaman at all-it’s just that I may do things a little bit differently and agreed with a lot of things we did in the past, but we might tweak things here and there as well.”

When asked about his game plan for next season after only being in the position for a matter of hours, Nadelen said that at first glance the Tigers need to have better balance on both sides of the ball.

“I think that’s extremely important,” Nadelen said. “I’m a believer that a great face-off guy and a great goalie can make any team look great. You see teams out there that have had great guys in those roles and they have been able to be very successful.”

In the end, Nadelen said that he’s willing to do anything in order to win, and for a struggling Towson lacrosse program, that attitude is probably the right one for now.

“Anything that allows us to be the most successful in any game, I’m going to really do the best to put us in that situation.”

WNST thanks new Tigers lax coach Shawn Nadelen for joining “The Morning Reaction”! We look forward to covering him next spring! WNST-We Never Stop Talking Baltimore Sports!