NFL Draft Day One Recap

April 26, 2009 | Tom Clayton

It was the fastest first round in the history of the Draft, I wasn’t a fan of the new later start last year but it really has grown on me. 



I think Mark Sanchez is going to take New York by storm. Sanchez is going to not only be the best Quarterback from this draft on the field but he is going to be the most marketable player off the field as well. The combination of Sanchez and Rex Ryan will be a match made in heaven for the Jets; they are both very easy going and genuinely good guys.


The Bengals took another player with off the field issues in Andre Smith.  I would have thought Cincinnati had learned their lesson with players like Chris Henry and Odell Thurman but I guess talent trumps all with some teams.


Wow!!!!  Al Davis has truly lost his mind; Heyward-Bey over Michael Crabtree is a mistake of epic proportions.  I had read a lot of mock drafts that had the Raiders taking Heyward-Bey based strictly on his speed but I laughed it off; I was very wrong.   As if this move wasn’t insane enough then he took the 72nd ranked Safety in the Draft in the second round; ESPN didn’t have any video on the guy and Mel Kiper Jr. didn’t have a profile on him in his draft publication.  I don’t think there is a more dysfunctional or poorly run organization in all of sports; the Raiders have become a lot like Cuba as they both are sitting around waiting for their inept leaders to die so they can become relevant again.


Michael Crabtree had to be jumping for joy he didn’t go to the Raiders.  Signing in Oakland with Mumra is the equivalent of entering the witness protection program, once you sign in Oakland nobody ever hears of you again.


With Brian Orakpo still on the board and one of the worst defenses in football what were the Broncos thinking taking Knowshon Moreno with the 12th pick?  Moreno is a beast who will be a stud on Sundays but Orakpo just seemed like the perfect fit.  Besides why do you sign Lamont Jordan, Correll Buckhalter, and J.J. Arrington if you are targeting a running back in the fist round?


Jeremy Maclin at 19 was a good value pick for Philadelphia but isn’t he fairly similar to DeSean Jackson?


The Ravens do it again; they get a top 10 talent with the 23rd pick.  Oher is going to start on the right side of the line immediately and be a solid contributor for years to come.  The selection of Oher also shows while teams like Minnesota and Cincinnati put little stock in a player’s character the Ravens really want to bring quality people into their organization.


The Colts took Donald Brown over Beanie Wells something that I found very interesting.  Wells did luck out and go to a team with a great offense in Arizona; he should be an immediate impact player and if he is healthy an early candidate for Offensive Rookie of the Year.


Rey Maualuga fell out of the first round while his USC teammates Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews both went in the first round.   I think Maualuga will play with a huge chip on his shoulder and was a steal for the Bengals with the 36th pick.  With the Colts selection of Fili Moala at 56 USC had 5 players taken in the first 64 picks.  There is no better college program in the country when it comes to churning out NFL players.


The Browns took two receivers in the second round; is this a sign that Braylon “Hot Hands” Edwards is on his way out of Cleveland or just a team trying to add depth?


The Ravens second round pick Paul Kruger is an interesting prospect and should help provide depth on the D-Line.


What was the deal with teams trading away 2010 first round picks for second rounders this year?  The Broncos may have traded a top 10 pick in 2010 to the Seahawks for Alphonso Smith.


Overall day one was fast paced and interesting.  Some teams like the Bills, Falcons, and Patriots really helped themselves.  But the thing I will take away from day one of this draft is what a mess Oakland is and how they have no idea how to improve their team through the process.