NFL FANTASY NOTES after 3 Pre-Season Games

August 26, 2008 |

After three weeks of the pre-season….NFC Fantasy Football notes:

Dallas: Remember when Pac-Man, I mean Adam Jones was all the buzz then nothing…very quiet camp for the boys…they are healthy a poised for a huge year…draft all Cowboys with confidence…

Man of the Year: Marion Barber…the man should be a top 3 RB this year if healthy

Bust of the Year: He will be good, but Owens is getting older…and his team around him is getting better…maybe only 11 TD’s…top 10 WR, not top 5.

Sleeper: Patrick Crayton may get lots of opportunities as teams focus on Owens, Whitten and Barber.

New York Giants: Trade away Shockey; lose Osi for the year…Straham coming back? The Super Bowl Champs may finish 4th in the division! Burress still not seen at practice.

Man of the Year: Brandon Jacobs…he has to stay healthy but he has the most potential of any Giant!

Bust of the Year: Eli Manning…I know he had a great run…but in the Fantasy world he is mediocre at best!

Sleeper: Steve Smith, Burress is never healthy and Toomer is up in age.

Washington Redskins: I would hate to be a DE and a redskin…your health may be in danger. Third pre-season game is most like a real game? Skins lost 47 – 3 and gave up over 200 yards on the ground…I like this team this year, but you have got to be concerned.

Man of the Year: Clinton Portis led the league in touches last year and is still the best player on the team.

Bust of the Year: Santana Moss…his hammy pull is just around the corner.

Sleeper: Devin Thomas, they need a big receiver

Philadelphia Eagles: Who is going to play WR? No really who…right now its DeShawn Jackson and hopefully Reggie Brown gets healthy…but Baskett, Lewis? How long has it been since McNabb has a WR corps?

Man of the Year: Brian Westbrook…he better be…or this team is done.

Bust of the Year: I hate to say it but McNabb, who is he going to throw too? He may have a good year but not top 7 or 8 QB good.

Sleeper: Brent Celek, because LJ Smith is always a health concern.


Arizona Cardinals: Warner or Leinart…Edge is old….Boldin is mad…everyone’s favorite sleeper team, every year, has a bunch of issue to deal with.

Man of the year: Larry Fitzgerald is a beast…a top 5 WR who should catch 90 balls and score 12 TD’s or more.

Bust of the Year: Leinart, even if he starts…Warner is going to play…Warner is the safer pick of the two.

Sleeper: Tim Hightower, someone has to take some carries of Edge.

San Francisco: Alex Smith former number 1 pick lost a QB competition to JT O’Sullivan…wow. Magic Martz brings his system to SF, but WR help is needed…lots of parts to like in SF from a fantasy standpoint, but how will they all fit together?

Man of the year: Frank Gore…Martz says he will be the focal point of the offense…which would mean 1600 total yards, 80 catches and 12 TD’s…I would take that.

Bust of the year: Vernon Davis is a freak, but the Martz system is not WR friendly. Be careful picking him as a top 10 TE.

Sleeper: Josh Morgan, especially if Martz spins his magic for another 4000 yards passing game.

Seattle Seahawks: Hasselbeck’s bad back is starting to worry some. WR’s are banged up. RB’s are a committee…and Tatupu just got banged up on D. Weak division, but this is not looking like a great team.

Man of the Year: Matt Hasselbeck has got to be the man for this team to go anywhere.

Bust of the Year: Bobby Engram, hurt, 35…not a good combo

Sleeper: Courtney Taylor has looked great in the pre-season and will get the chance to start.

ST. Louis Rams: Deep Breath Steven Jackson is back in camp and now happy…if the defense can stop someone this team could surprise.

Man of the Year: Steven Jackson, the line has to stay healthy and keep Bulger upright, but he is a beast.

Bust of the Year: Stop reading that this is Randy McMichaels year…it’s not!

Sleeper: Donnie Avery…if Drew Bennett can’t stay healthy he will get a shot.

Chicago Bears: Kyle Orton won the QB job, Rookie Matt Forte is the starter and Devin Hester may be a starting WR? The Defense better be real real good.

Man of the Year: Matt Forte…yes he is a rookie, but this is a run first team and he can do it.

Bust of the Year: Desmond Clarke…this is the year Greg Olson takes over as the best TE in Chicago.

Sleeper: Rashied Davis…has had a productive pre-season and will have every opportunity to be the number one guy.


Detroit Lions: New offensive system so the days of the chucking it 50 times a game, are over. Kitna looks good in new offence. New Rookie starting RB and an improved defense?

Man of the Year: Kevin Smith is a hard runner with some explosiveness. He will get the ball 20 to 25 times a week. Also watch out for Calvin Johnson.

Bust of the Year: The days of 4000 yards passing are over so Kitna will not put up numbers like the last two years, but still a solid number 2 QB on your fantasy team.

Sleeper: Jason Hanson, I know how a kicker can be a sleeper, but he kicks indoors for a team that may struggle to get into the end zone at times.

Green Bay Packers: Nothing to see here…boring ho hum camp…move along. This situation scares me. I really do not know if Grant was a flash in the pan, Is Rodgers the real deal? Lots of questions!

Man of the year: If they are going to repeat last year’s run…Ryan Grant has to be what he was in the last 8 games in 2007.

Bust of the Year: Greg Jennings…Rodgers is not Farve.

Sleeper: Brandon Jackson, if Grant slips…they really like this kid.

Minnesota Vikings: The AP show…starts in week 1 this year…Can Tavaris Jackson improve the passing game and take some pressure off AP. Can the Defense be as great as they were last year?

Man of the Year: Adrian Peterson…2000 yards? 20 TD’s? Anything is possible.

Bust of the Year: Bernard Berrian, just do not like this situation.

Sleeper: Chester Taylor, if AP gets dinged up…his role could increase.

Atlanta Falcons: The Matt Ryan era begins! The Michael burner Turner era begins! With Matt Ryan winning the QB job, I think Turner is in line to be a workhorse to take the pressure off the rookie.

Man of the Year: Michael Turner finally gets his chance to shine.

Bust of the Year: Roddy White will see his production reduced this year.

Sleeper: Jerious Norwood had talent, but never seems to get the chance to show it…if Turner gets hurt, he will.

Carolina Panthers: Jake Delhomme comes back from elbow surgery and finds he can’t throw to his main target til week 3. RB situation still cloudy with Williams and Stewart both having great games.

Man of the Year: Tough one here, but in the end I think STEWART becomes the work horse.

Bust of the Year: If they thought DeAngelo Williams could be a feature back they would not have drafted Stewart.

Sleeper: Jeff King could surprise at the TE position.

New Orleans Saints: Brees gets a new target in Shockey. Greatest show on turf?

Man of the Year: 4000 yards, 30+ TD’s is not out of the question for DREW BREES.

Bust of the year: I do not know that anything is expected from Deuce McAllister but whatever is should not be.

Sleeper: Pierre Thomas, with Deuce still not 100% and Reggie Bush the great unknown…Thomas is a tough nosed runner.

Tampa Bay Bucs: How many QB’s does it take to screw in a light bulb? Plus they tried to get Farve! Strange days in Tampa.

Man of the Year: Joey Galloway has to continue to find the fountain of youth to take the pressure off the running game.

Bust of the Year: Earnest Graham…at this time last year, you did not even know his name.

Sleeper: Carnell Williams…remember him…if he makes the roster he could be this year’s Earnest Graham.

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