NFL Playoffs – Championship Round

January 20, 2013 | Derek Halford

49ers 31

Falcons 24

The Falcons blew a 20 point lead and should’ve lost last week. The Falcons can’t stop the Read/pistol offense. The 49ers have a stout defense and will make it to the super bowl as I predicted in the beginning of the season.

Ravens 27

Patriots 24

I’ve been going against Joe Flacco and the Ravens since the middle of the season. And up til this morning, I had the Patriots. But I woke up and I just got the feeling that the Ravens are going to click on all cylinders today. My bold Predictions : Joe Flacco – 2 Td’s 1 INT 250 yards. Ray Rice – 100 Yards, 1 TD. Ed Reed- He’s been in hiding, look for him to explode into his old form today and get not 1, but 2 interceptions today!