NFL Playoffs – Divisional Round

January 12, 2013 | Derek Halford

Ravens 20

Broncos 33

I’m sorry, but i’m  not a homer, i’m a realist. Denver has the #2 defense in the league. Denver has a great pass rush and Flacco just doesn’t have the mobility to get away from the rush. He has no pocket presence. Joe Flacco will not be able to keep up with Peyton Manning. Sad to see Ray Lewis go out like this. If he had a QB like Peyton Manning the past 5 years, the Ravens would have won at least 2 super bowls.

Packers 29

49ers 31

In the beginning of the season , I predicted the 49ers would represent the NFC in the super bowl. Well they’re going to get back to the NFC Championship for the 2nd year in a row.

Seahawks 27

Falcons 23

Matt Ryan has not shown that he’s a playoff QB. Yes the Falcons are one of the best football teams in the league when they play at home but the Seahawks are the hottest team in the league. Russel Wilson and Company goes into Atlanta and takes the win.

Texans 34

Patriots 31

In the beginning of the season, I predicted the Texans would represent the AFC in the super bowl. Last week I went against them and they showed me why I picked them to represent the AFC in the first place. As long as the Texans can get Arian Foster going, then the Texans will go into Foxborough and win.