NFL Playoffs PLUS Ravens Coach Comedy Contest

January 08, 2008 |

I was 3-1 ATS last weekend and would’ve swept the board except I used reverse psychology on myself and assumed, because I’m a Giants fan, they’ll lose.  This weekend I PROMISE YOU, New England will cover the two touchdowns against Jacksonville.   Do you realize what Belchick can do with an extra week of rest?  Don’t be fooled.  The Pats may have stumbled a bit late in the season but will be firing on all cylinders come Saturday.  Jacksonville may have been the sexy pick for ”most dangerous team in the playoffs” but the Steelers proved you can pass on them.  If Roethlisberger can do it, Brady should have a field day.   Other than that game, I highly recommend you take the underdogs.  Seattle, San Diego and the Giants are ALL capable of beating their respective opponents.  Make sure you put a little something on the money line as well. 

P.S- Hey Rob Long, your Cowgirls are going down to the Jints.   By the time this game is over it’ll be Eli dating Jessica Simpson.  By the way, can you believe the Giants and Cowboys have NEVER MET in a playoff game before?


As many of you know, Andrew and I have been running a comedy essay contest.   Just leave as a comment, some thoughts on what you would do if you landed the Ravens head coaching job.  Make it clever and MAKE IT FUNNY!  If you want to read some other examples,  find the Fighting Ungers “blogs” section and read the last two entries.  We’re going to continue this through the week and announce the winner on Saturday’s show.   Winning entry receives FOUR FREE TICKETS to MAGOOBYS JOKE HOUSE AND $25 to SPEND ON FOOD AND BOOZE!