NFL Playoffs – Round 1

January 05, 2013 | Derek Halford

Bengals 27

Texans 23

In the playoffs, it’s all about who’s hot and who’s not. Well, the Bengals are hot and the Texans are not. The Bengals have won 7 of there last 8. The Texans have lost 3 of there last 4. So first playoff game is an upset.

Vikings 20

Packers 31

The Vikings can’t beat the Packers 2 weeks in a row. Adrian Peterson will keep the Vikings in it but the Packers offense will be too much this time.

Colts 22

Ravens 29

Earlier this week, I was going to pick the Colts. But now that everyone knows this is Ray Lewis’ last game at home, the stadium is going to be electric and just too much for the Colts.

Seahawks 33

Redskins 27

The Seahawks are the hottest team in football and are probably the last team anyone wants to play in these playoffs. Russel Wilson will win the battle of rookie QBs today.


This weekend is going to have 4 great games. All 8 teams have what it takes to win today, but only 4 can. How can you not love football?