NFL Rivalry Week-Why Not?

November 20, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     Every Thanksgiving weekend college football has its annual “rivalry” games.  We have match ups such as Texas vs. Texas A&T, Old Miss vs. Miss and Pitt vs. West Virginia.  Why couldn’t the NFL have its own version of “rivalry” weekend?  Think how much fun it would be if we had intrastate NFL games on a yearly bases.  Of course you will always have the Bengals and Browns in the AFC North, nothing would change.  But if you had for example the games from teams outside their division, teams could alternate sites each year.  Maybe the NFL could set a certain weekend each year for this “rivalry” weekend.  For single team states, you could cotinue division rivaries, and create new ones.  Here are the match ups I would suggest:

Ravens/Redskins    Steelers/Eagles   Rams/Chiefs   Raiders/49er’s   Cowboys/Texans    Giants/Jets    Jags/Dolphins   Browns/Bengals   Vikings/Lions   Packers/Bears   Chargers/Cardinals   Bills/Patriots   Seahawks/Broncos   Colts/Titans  Saints/Bucs   Falcons/Panthers