NFL: Week One Recap

September 16, 2009 | Tom Clayton

The first week of the NFL season can be screwy and it isn’t always the greatest barometer for the success or failure of a team for an entire season. But after this weekend there are six things that I saw that caught my attention.

1. Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan are not only developing into to top-eight quarterbacks quicker then anybody thought; they will both lead their teams to Super Bowl victories at some point in their careers.

2. Adrian Peterson is the best player in the NFL; and it isn’t even close. His violent running style and breakaway speed reminds a lot of a Hall of Fame running back…Jim Brown.

3. Ladies and gentlemen, Jake Delhomme’s days as an effective quarterback in the NFL are in the rearview mirror. Sorry to Steve Smith owners but his numbers are going to take a huge dip and he will struggle to finish in the top-twelve of fantasy receivers.

4. Speaking of quarterbacks who are going to disappoint this year, Jay Cutler is going to be seen as the highly overrated signal caller he is. Cutler put up huge numbers in Denver with a top-three wide receiving corps and defense that forced the Broncos to throw the ball a ton.

5. Rex Ryan is going to be the real deal in New York; his defense held a ridiculously talented Houston offense without an offensive touchdown. If Mark Sanchez can manage the game and the three-headed backfield of Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, and Shonn Greene all produce, then the Jets could be the Ravens of 2009.

6. Tim Hightower had better receiving numbers for Arizona then Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin combined. It was a one week anomaly but a very weird occurrence none the less.

Over all Week One was about as good an opening act as NFL fans could have asked for. The Patriots and Chargers won nail biters in the final minutes of both Monday Night games; the Broncos and Brandon Stokley pulled off a ludicrous victory in the final seconds, and Drew Brees torched the Lions for six touchdowns. If Week One was any indication of what’s in store for 2009 this is going to be one hell of a season.