NFL: Week Three Recap

September 29, 2009 | Tom Clayton

Week Three in the NFL was a very good week for the Baltimore Ravens. They handled their business and destroyed a very bad Cleveland team to get their first Division win. Later in the day the Cincinnati Bengals handled their business and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers dropping last year’s Super Bowl Champs to 1-2 and an early two game hole against the purple and black. There weren’t many nail biters this week but we did see one of the better regular season finishes in recent memory as Brett Favre completed a 32 yard touchdown pass to Greg Lewis with two ticks remaining on the clock to win his first home game as a Minnesota Vikings. This week I noticed six things that stood out for me:

1. I am trying not to get too excited about a win against a team as terrible as the Browns but the Ravens continue to prove they are one of the best teams in football. They are excelling in all three facets of the game and showed that they are not going to overlook any team no matter how much they are favored by. The Ravens have become a complete team and a win against New England next week would cement them as a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

2. After three games there are two serious contenders to go winless in 2009. The Browns and Buccaneers are both horrible on both sides of the ball and their lack of talent is going to require an extraordinary effort for them to get a win this season.

3. Wow…what a pathetic performance by the Redskins on Sunday against the Lions. Jim Zorn has no business being an NFL head coach and probably shouldn’t keep his job after his teams’ performance in the last two weeks. I think no matter what happens to Zorn this season Daniel Snyder is going to open up his checkbook and give Bill Cowher ten million dollars a year to be the head coach in Washington in 2010.

4. The Bengal’s win over The Steelers could be the kind of galvanizing win that might be the start of big things in Cincinnati. In fact, if you exclude the circus catch by Brandon Stokley in Week One, the Bengal’s would be undefeated and perhaps talked about as one of the best teams in the NFL.

5. JaMarcus Russell may be one of the worst quarterbacks ever taken in the first round. He might have the strongest arm in the history of the NFL but his arm is also the most inaccurate in the history of the league as well; Russell has absolutely no idea where the ball is going once it leaves his hand. On top of his erratic arm he seems to be the least prepared quarterback in the league and has the football IQ of Forest Gump.

6. After watching Cardinals offensive lineman Wayne Gandy it is clear he is the worst starting left tackle in the NFL. He was beat by Dwight Freeney on EVERY SINGLE PLAY the Cardinals ran on Sunday night. I understand that Freeney is a beast but to get smoked on every play is completely unacceptable and a surefire recipe for getting your thirty eight year old quarterback hurt.

A couple of big games are on the horizon in Week Four but none bigger then the Ravens traveling to New England to take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. If the Ravens can neutralize the most dangerous big receiver in the NFL, Randy Moss, they have a real shot at taking down the Patriots.

The Steelers have a another tough game ahead against the San Diego Chargers and Rex Ryan takes his rookie quarterback and “pipe banging” defense to the Big Easy to take on Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

It looks like it is going to be one hell of an exciting week and one that could produce some fascinating games.