Nhl shines again

January 01, 2010 |

For the 3rd straight year the NHL takes center stage on New Years Day and not the BCS. Outdoor “pond hockey” as its called through the league took center stage in the historic and majestic Fenway park. Todays match up took a throw back to history as well with the Boston Bruins against the Philadelphia Flyers. With a storied history between the 2 franchises it was a game that counted but more so a game for bragging rights. With honorary team captains Bobby Orr for the Bruins and Bobby Clarke for the Flyers leading the teams out , you could tell a special day was in store.  A game that fans will remember for years happend as well including great hits, goals, a fight, and a spectacular overtime winner from the Bruins . The showmanship, to the fan fare including rival chants of lets go Bruins and lets go Flyers, to  the including of the Red Sox traditon of Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond in the 3rd period, made this another feather in the NHL’s hat. I would love to see the ratings against the 2 or 3 bowl games that happend in the same time slot of the Winter Classic. In time fans in this area should be treated to the same excitement as the Washington Capitals are bound to be in this event in the next 5 years. I think the other “major” sports leagues should look into this as well. Congrats to the NHL for another spectacular event on New Years Day