Nice Leap Into New Year

January 03, 2012 | Tom Federline

Defense and referees vault Ravens into playoffs with win over Bengals. Ravens get a bye and at least one home game. Terps Mens Basketball have a seven footer with skills and hops. I finally got to watch two of the 30-some Bowl games yesterday and was surprisingly entertained. To the point of being enticed to jump up off the couch in reaction to many of the athletic manuevers. The Indy Irsay’s pronounced the firing of their VP and GM father/son team. The Orioles are offering  a twitch of excitement. And the fact that 2012 really is a Leap Year.

I say we all might as well “Jump” – (Van Halen), into 2012, simply because it’s there for the taking. Ravens potential to win the  Super Bowl in Indy! Now there’s a storyline. Right on the heels of Jim Irsay following his fathers(cannot say his name)  footsteps, back stabbing the people that got you to where you are. I do not know the whole story behind the firing of Bill (VP) and Chris (GM) Polian out there in Indy Irsay land, but sure sounds like a low blow to me. Can only wish Andrew “bad” Luck to that organization.  The Ravens have a shot – depending on what team shows up. I am not sold on a Ravens Super Bowl run. Mainly because I am not sold on the John Horribaugh and Camera Cameron duo. Best scenario – Houston beats Cincy, Denver beats Squeelers, Denver beats Patriots, Ravens roll to Indy.

Men Terps baketball ball does have a team. The Terps womens basketball will make a run for the National title (a later blog). The men will emerge with Pe’shon Howard at point, Stoglin shooting lights out (his ball has a sideways rotation), Mosley as the Senior, Padgett some help up front and “Lenny”as our diamond in the rough center. Alex Len can play. Another pleasant surprise over the holiday break was getting a spur of the moment invite to the Terp/Albany game from my daughter and her boyfriend (Terp students – God bless ’em). “Lenny” (my nickname) for the young lad, got game. I cannot remember ever seeing a Terp seven footer+, run  the court, shoot, jump, block and rebound like this Terp freshman. His rebounding and hands may need a little work. You will be surprised. Going to be a little tough at first, bang right into ACC play, but the kid will make a statement by the end of the year. Have the Terps ever even had a 7 footer before? Was Mike Mardesich 7 feet? Taylor Baldwin was 6′-10/11″. Both of them not in the same league as “Lenny”.  Yes, this is the kid that did a cartwheel at Midnight Madness in October.

Quick bite on Alexs’ first official bucket as a Terp. He had the crowd off our feet. From our vantage point it looked like a pass from Mosley (top left corner of key) to Pankey (sitting on right side under basket). But to everyones astonishment, out of nowhere cames the 7′-1″ potential Terp savior of the year. He takes the pass out of the air as an alley-oop and jams it home with one hand. BOOM -high fives all around! Where did that come from? Terps just may have a force down low. He is going to need help. Cross fingers with Pankey. The Faust kid has game also. It may take a month, but it sure does look better than it did prior to Pe’Shon and “Lenny” getting in the game.

Orioles – 20th anniversary at Camden Yards. Yes, that’s right twenty, two-zero years. The negative – no championship since 1983. The positive – Camden Yards still considered one of the top venues in baseball. Despite the trials and tribulations on the field – a ballgame at Camden Yards in my book, is still a darn good evening out with family and friends. It is reasonably priced, if you allow it to be. You can take your own food and drink in if you choose and you can watch Nick Markakis (Future Hall of Famer). Take a Leap of faith and go get some orange Kool-aid. They can only get better.

Finally, NCAA football at it’s finest. Forget the whole BCS BS. Guess what? Out of that whole mess, there were two evenly matched barn burners yesterday and worth every minute of your time to watch. Yes, there were way to many commercials, (I’m diggin’ the DVR deal), but I saw college football at a top level. The Rose Bowl – Oregon 45 Wisconsin 38 and the Fiesta Bowl Oklahoma State 41 Stanford 38. The hype, the pagentry, the effort, the quality of play, was all there. I hope you all were able to catch at least parts of those two games. It revived my faith in, “kids playing for the love of the game”. Yes, I know there was much more at stake for the universities involved and individual show casing. But man,there were many times I was shouting out, “No way”, “great play”, “nice call”, “you kiddin’ me?” Just great football.

Bring on Leap Year – 2012. From a sports fan vantage point – it sure has started out nice.



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  1. Chris Oswald Says:


    Best wishes for prosperity and good health to you and your terp daughter in 2012.

    You nailed the Ravens assessment, hopefully Joe can be “putting the aerial up, so I can go out on the air…”

    Lenny is solid, no Will Bowers, but a presence. The hands look strong, rebounding is fantastic, a bright future for sure. Don’t make me go John Bilney or David Henderson on you.

    O’s the Magic, make it happen. Apparently the confederate money still works in the far east. I like our chances.

    Come up to me with your “What did you say?”
    And I’ll tell you, straight in the eye


  2. Dave Says:

    Sure wish I could have caught more of those college games. I only saw the last ten minutes of the Rose Bowl. I thought it a shame that Wisconsin couldn’t have gotten one more play off to try to tie it up. Does it really take two seconds to spike the ball? Does the referee blow the whistle when he signals the clock to start? If not, how would the quarterback know it started? If he has to wait to see the clock count down on the stadium clocks then it is already too late. It was a good second gone before they even snapped it. I was also surprised that play was even reviewable.

  3. Fedman Says:

    …..straight in the eye……HEY…………D.I.Y.!
    Bless you fellow Terp, with the blasts from the past: Will Bowers, Bilney, and Henderson. I don’t think Henderson was 7 foot, though. Will Bowers, John Bilney……….wow, nice recall. The ACC is coming up should be an interesting season – First half, teams may take Terps lightly. Second half, Alex and Padgett are going to see a different look. That’s why I say, this Pankey kid has to pick it up down low. Pe’Shon. Stoglin, Faust and Mosley can run with any of them. Just beat Duke!
    Thanks for the Peter references. Thanks for the feedback. Keep ’em rolling.


  4. Fedman Says:

    Wisconsin blew it, not the refs on a “fix”. Great case for wasted time outs earlier in the half. Poor coaching in that last minute. And remember, what we all forget……………these are “kids”, put on a pedestal by the media, the school that is paying their bills (and some extra). 20 year olds thrown into the TV/radio spotlight and asked “Why?” Let the kids play! It’s the million dollar college coaches/recruiters that should be on the hot seat. “O”, there are a couple college games left. You may want to catch the one January 9th. Unfortunately, I believe we have already seen the best competition out there. Of course, there is money involved………………
    Thanks for the feedback. Keep ’em rolling.


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