May 19, 2007 | Thyrl Nelson

2007 like 9 years before,
The theme is decidedly tragic.
Gone are the days of the Oriole Way,
Forgotten is Oriole Magic.
It seems with this team, there’s a singular theme,
But this owner’s not solely to blame.
This fire’s been burning for 20 plus years,
And now he’s the one fanning the flames.
Not here to defend what I can’t comprehend,
But I’ll stop short of calling him devil.
But I will say surely, he’s run the team poorly,
And taken losing to another whole level.
He sure had me snowed when he first bought the O’s,
And finally brought players to town.
He wasn’t a bad man, he spent like a madman,
For Alomar, Raffy and Brown.
In Gillick he got a pro to call shots,
Or at least that’s the way that it seemed.
But with Gillick in place and the O’s in the race,
Pete decided that he’d run the team.
The day it began is when Pete took a stand,
And squashed the trade of Bobby Bo.
When it didn’t go down the O’s turned it around,
And Pete figured he could run the O’s.
It seems since that day Pete has been in the way,
And preventing this team from success.
GMs and agents on numerous occasions,
Won’t take our calls due to this mess.
It seems that this slide also coincides,
When the Ravens showed up on the spot.
The good deal he had was suddenly bad,
Compared to what Art Modell got.
A team in DC, brought on more, ”Woe is me”,
And it seems he’s conceded defeat.
And I just can’t explain my unshakeable pain,
I’m afraid we may never compete.
It seems baseball’s rules have been written by fools,
The system’s so bad it’s not funny.
Most would benefit from a revenue split,
But these rich guys just can’t manage money.
But back to these O’s and our friend Angelos,
My frustration is off of the meter.
The lesson my friend again and again,
Is quite simply “Don’t be a Peter”.
It means know your role and don’t be an A-hole,
Be good at whatever you do.
But when faced with a task that’s beyond your grasp,
Hire someone who’s smarter than you.
I’m all Petered out so that’s it for this rhyme,
But Peter your policies test us.
Why not let your front office guys do their jobs?
Do you take their advice on asbestos?