Nnamdi Sweepstakes

July 30, 2011 | Derek Halford

After the first week of the new season, the big guy on the free agent market was signed. Nnamdi Asomugha had a few possible destinations he was looking at. They were the Houston Texans, San Francisco 49er’s, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and New York Jets. As the week went on the Houston Texans signed CB Jonathan Joseph so this put them out of the race for Nnamdi. The Buccaneers and 49er’s never ended up trying to get Nnamdi.

So by Thursday, the only known team interested in him was the Jets. They were really pushing for him and also reconstructed some of their contracts to gain more room under the salary cap. Later that day the Dallas Cowboys were in the race for Nnamdi as they were trying to make a late push and started releasing players and reconstructing contracts trying to gain more room under the salary cap.

Friday was seen as the day that Nnamdi was going to make his decision. Most people thought it was going to be the Jets but NFL Analyst Adam Shefter thought there was a mystery team out there. And wouldn’t you know it? Later that evening Nnamdi signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

What do you think about this signing? How far do you think the Eagles will go in the playoffs this year?