No “I” In Team

October 26, 2008 |

Throughout the Ravens’ game, I received several texts and e-mails about the Ravens use of Troy Smith. The majority of the messages expressed they felt Coach John Harbaugh gave in to Terrell Suggs’ comments by using Smith in the offense on “certain” packages.

Let me remind you that there’s no “I” in team. While I am paid to give my opinion and I welcome yours, this is Harbaugh’s team. He has to do what’s best for the organization.

I’m sure Harbaugh feels he did exactly that. He’s the new coach with someone else’s players. With that, he’s in a situation where he can actually make a move in the AFC.

Today, the Ravens ran some offensive plays that were, worst case scenario, harmless to the offense. A couple turned out to be highly productive. Harbaugh’s not giving in to players, he’s creating the best situation for this team to be successful, now. If there are several players voicing their support for Smith to get some playing time, he put it to rest without sacrificing the team’s future. And they all looked like they were having fun.

Oh, it was by design that Joe Flacco got involved in a unique way. Now, he walks away feeling that he’s a part of the new “wrinkle” in this offense with his first career reception.

In the end, everyone wins. Harbaugh shows he can be “flexible” in the midst of the crossroads. Now, if he permanently benches Chris McAllister, he has Smith in his back pocket. It’s all about give and take. If McAllister is not in the team’s future, he can always say, “Guy, I have your best interest at heart.”

Today, John Harbaugh did a very good thing. I believe he may have won over a few players in the process. He proved there’s no “I” in team. That even includes the Head Coach.