No Need to Worry O’s Fans

August 15, 2008 |

There has been some concern that with the O’s nearing the 50 millionth fan to enter the Yard and the Red Sox being the next team to play here that the lucky fan might be wearing Red Sox gear. Fear not O’s Nation the Orioles are taking steps to prevent this from happening.

I have heard interviews with O’s front office personnel who have said that they will estimate who the actual 50 millionth fan is and they will be an Orioles fan. Since they use multiple gates to let fans into the stadium it is impossible to be exact.

They are a little over 43,200 fans away so the winner should happen either right around game time on Monday or early on Tuesday. There are tickets available for each game. So if you want to try to win season tickets for 5 years and other prizes or just stop the invasion of Red Sox Nation just show up Monday night at Camden Yards.