No news…means NO news.

January 18, 2008 | Drew Forrester

“Reporting live from the Ravens facility in Owings Mills…”

It’s not nearly as crowded here today…I guess the media members who were here for the Jason Garrett circus on Tuesday aren’t about to be fooled twice in a week.

It’s the regulars hanging around – Jamison Hensley and Ed Lee from The Sun, Matt Palmer from The Examiner, Aaron Wilson from the 13 different people he works for and Joe Platania of PressBox.

And, then, of course, there’s our own WNST Ravens Insider Casey Willet.  He’s always here.  I’m using his computer, in fact.  Thanks, Casey.

I think I’ll hang out for a while to see if the Ravens bring any Chinese food in for lunch and then I’ll scoot out…unless something happens with John Harbaugh.

I’ve only talked to one person about Harbaugh today.  I called a contact in Philadelphia and said, “Does it matter that Harbaugh didn’t bring his wife to Baltimore for today’s interview?”

The answer:  “John’s coming down there to take the job.  His wife doesn’t need to be there.  John wants to be the Head Coach in Baltimore and if they offer him the job, he’s taking it.”

OK, that seems fairly clear, huh?

So, somewhere in this building, members of the Ravens “hiring committee” are talking with John Harbaugh.  Will they offer him the job today?  I don’t know.

Rex Ryan is in the building as well.

I still say that’s kind of odd.

Casey’s off snooping around for new/more info and I’m working the cell phone and trying to see if they’ve made further contact with MartyBall today.

We’ll report back with any new information.

EDIT at 12:35 pm — Here’s something pretty funny.  This is what we’re doing today while the Ravens are interviewing John Harbaugh.  Check out this soccer highlight from Japan…it’s pretty funny stuff.