No Reed, No Ray, No Problems. The 2013 Baltimore Ravens are young and ready to repeat.

July 07, 2013 | Marc Lukianczuk

The 2013 NFL season is right around the corner. Training camps are set to open later this month. The big question: what are the Ravens fans to expect from the defense since the loss of so many key veterans that solidified the team’s defense last season?

Aggressively active in this past off-season free agency battle, the “Wizard of OZ,” (Ozzie Newsome) worked his magic and has the Ravens looking younger, healthier, and more dominant.

By adding big name players such as, Elvis Dumervil, Chris Canty, and Michael Huff, replacing the performance of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, should be no problem.

Here’s why—AGE.

Sure everybody is going to miss the presence of Lewis alone, but he was getting up there in age and walked away from the game in perfect fashion.

On the other hand, Reed is desperate for another ring and believes Houston can bring him one, but he continues to battle nagging injuries that will keep him sidelined for a good part the 2013 season—hence it was a need to replenish the continuous high-caliber defense.

Dumervil had a mediocre 2012 season in Denver, but still made his presence known by getting to the quarterback 11 times. It’s tough for a guy to hold down a defense on his own with no assistance—not anymore.

Dumervil will complement the already dominant defensive line of Suggs and company. By adding Canty to the mix, opposing quarterbacks need to watch out!

Another key addition to the defense was first-round draft pick, Matt Elam. Elam has the ability to tackle like Bernard Pollard, but drop back in coverage like Reed—good get? I think so.

The offense, under Jim Caldwell, is fairly established. With the running tandem of Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce and the deep threat of Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith, with the occasional shake-n-bake from Jacoby Jones, the offense is ready to take it to a higher level in the upcoming season.

No more squirrel dances in M&T or exciting ball hawking interceptions down the field, but Ravens fans don’t have to worry in 2013, Ozzie Newsome has a different plan in store for you.