No Tiger, No Problem

April 12, 2009 |

I think that every Sunday, CBS executives must love to see their ratings go down the toilet when Tiger Woods is not in the mix to win…especially when it happens to be a tour major.  Now I know that Tiger is the king of comebacks…he hangs back a couple of strokes through the first 2 rounds, then comes from “behind” to win.  And even knowing how many times I’ve seen that scenario, I still thought after Saturday’s round that there was no way he was coming back from -4, when the leaders were at -11 and his game was clearly “off.”  Yet on Sunday, after stuffing myself with an Easter feast with my family, I turned on the tv, and saw Tiger was sitting at -10 after hole 16, within 2 shots of the lead.  Even Mickelson made it up there with him.  They were making their move up the leaderboard…and the CBS execs were smiling once more.

Well, the good moods and smiles didn’t last for long…Tiger lost his chance and bogeyed the final 2 holes.  I’m sure the execs could see the collective TV-watching world reaching for their remotes at the same time.  But the final couple holes allowed Angel Cabrera, Chad Campbell, and Kenny Perry to share the lead at -12, making this an exciting finish to the Masters with the first 3-man playoff since 1987.  Even without Tiger,  I found myself glued to the TV.   It was thrilling to watch how tight it was at the end and how so many players had the opportunity to take over and win.  Now I’m sure that CBS execs don’t want to hear my opinion, but I would rather have finishes like this on Sundays as opposed to watching Tiger win easily over the field anytime.