Not again

April 30, 2009 |

I couldn’t believe it when I heard it yesterday…actually I could, but couldn’t believe we were discussing this AGAIN!!!  The rumor mill is swirling once again this year, at this same time, that Brett Favre may unretire.  Haven’t we worn this story out now for the past 5 years??  I love Favre and all that he’s done for the game of football…and I am so glad I got to see him play at Ravens stadium before he “retired” (that was one of the coldest games I have been to…it was a MNF game, 16 degrees out with 40mph winds…I’m just glad I got out of there without one of my extremities freezing and breaking off). 

But I am SO TIRED of the drama.  First he thinks about retiring, but changes his mind quickly.  Then he thinks about retiring, mulls over it until training camp starts, then comes back.  Then he “officially” retires in an emotional and heartfelt press conference, then unretires to put the Packers in an uncomfortable position and then lands himself as a Jet.  So he finally was able to retire after this past season with hardly any delay, but now he puts speculation in the mix when the Jets take him off the retired-reserved list.  First I thought, okay, he probably wants to do the Jerry Rice scenario and “officially” retire with the Packers after signing a 1 day contract, and that would be okay with me.  But then I thought, they didn’t leave on such good terms, why would the Packers do him this favor now?  Maybe a couple years from now.  But then the rumors started swirling when the Jets took him off that list to avoid speculation of a future quarterback competition if newly aquired Mark Sanchez doesn’t pan out during the season.  Then somehow the Vikings name came up because, since he is technically a free agent, he can go freely to past-rival divisional opponent Minnesota.  What on Earth is going on?  Would the Vikings really think Favre, at this stage of his career, be better than their newly aquired and average Sage Rosenfels?

Through week 12, Favre went 8-3, and averaged a rating of 94.5 with 20 TDs and 13 Ints.  Pretty much typical Favre stats.  In his last 5 games, Favre went 1-4, and averaged a rating of 55.4 with 2 TDs and 9 Ints.  In the 6 games Rosenfels played in 2008, he averaged a rating of 81.9 with 6 TDs and 10 Ints (that included the 4 Baltimore handed him).  Outside of the Baltimore game, Rosenfels had a pretty consistent and decent rating, but he really needed to be taught when not to just “throw up the ball and hope someone on my team catches it” scenario that we all know too well from previous Boller experiences. 

Now we really don’t know when the Favre injury occurred, but what a complete 180.  Watching him play toward the end of the season was painful, as I was routing for him to do well and make another playoff run just so he could still prove he had it.  I think coming back would be a huge mistake on Favre’s part.  I could say that I understand that leaving the game completely is hard, but I don’t.  I’ve never been at a “job” that I could say the same.  I love the saying:  Do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life.  And I’m sure that’s what Favre feels and that’s why I entered in this WNST competition in the first place.  But you need to know when to go out with some dignity.  I really hate to watch these players that I admire, even thought they wear a different colored jersey, go down in flames and regret coming back (think Emmitt Smith).  I think if he came back this year, he would have a hard time getting to that peak again and it would only put hurtful statments out in public and make him go through yet another emotional roller coaster.