Not Impressed By Rise in Attendance

June 28, 2012 | Barry Rankin

While the increase in attendance at Oriole park at Camden Yards has been noticeable whether you have watched the games on TV, attended in person, or even simply tried to buy tickets only to find they were not in your price range, I am not impressed.

While an average increase of 6,721 fans per game may look impressive, I, for one, don’t see it in that light.

There are a couple of reasons for my doubt. Firstly, there have been a few series, specifically Philadelphia and Washington, where fans of the other teams have shown up in droves. In three games against the Phillies 132,337 fans packed Camden Yards. When the nationals stopped by last week, another 133,983 people came in. I know  a lot of the people attended multiple games, and those numbers are more than what have been coming in recently,  but there is one more thing that makes me feel the way I do about the attendance spike.

My feeling is, that the Oriole “fans” that are packing the ballpark are mostly “fairweather fans.” These people are coming out ONLY because the team is winning and having moderate success. If this team goes on an extended losing streak, these fans will disappear and the attendance figures will go down to what they were before this season. i also understand that if there is consistency to the winning ways that this team has shown early in the 2012 season, these fans will be back permanently and (hopefully) the Yards will be packed for years to come like it was when the stadium first opened back in 1992.


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