Note To Bud Selig …. Stay Out Of Arizona Issue !!!!

May 03, 2010 |

Since Major League Baseball has an established track record of usually doing the WRONG thing when it comes to big decisions, I’ve decided to help them out …..

And, it’s a very simple issue.

Of course, everyone has heard about the new Arizona Immigration Law, which is set to take effect this summer. While few people, outside Arizona, probably know the legal ramifications of the law, the pending sanctions are causing reactions throughout our culture.

Responsible citizen debate and activism are never considered bad things – so long as certain “Politics Free” zones are not penetrated.

Got that, Bud ???

The contentious feelings of people on both sides of the immigration issue make the topic a HOT BUTTON situation. And, while the law and its legality will be dissected through traditional American means, certain entities should stay as far away from any stance, as possible. This list includes …..



CELEBRITIES (but they won’t)

Major League Baseball is being lobbied to take an opposing stance on the new law. DON’T DO IT, Bud. And, for the record, DON’T OPENLY SUPPORT IT, either. Simply stay out of the fray ….. and stay out of a mess.

If Major League Baseball takes a side, it will cause division among some fans. And, at the same time, it will cause many people to question MLB’s status as a sanctuary from the grind and stress of everyday life.

I realize some notable baseball personalities have spoken out about the new Arizona law. They’ve threatened to take personal sanctions against the economy of the state if the new law is not repealed. That’s certainly their choice and right. However, it shouldn’t influence Bud Selig’s ultimate decision.

If Ozzie Guillen wants to boycott the 2011 All Star Game, good for him. I’ll still enjoy his antics, whether I agree with his position, or not. And, I’ll still hold out hope that he’s skippering the Orioles someday …..

If Adrian Gonzalez wants to boycott the 2011 All Star Game, more power to him. He’s figuratively cutting off his nose to spite his face. Besides, with Prince Fielder, Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols and others vying for a slot, Gonzalez isn’t assured of being forced with a decision to go, or not. And, yes, I’ll gladly take him in an Orioles uniform, too.

Since Guillen and Gonzalez are outspoken opponents of Arizona’s new law, I’d be interested to know if they’re truly familiar with intimate details regarding it. But, I don’t want to hear their views by way of a sports-related format.

Do it on CNN, MSNBC or Fox News.

It’s the same expectation I’d have of any stakeholder ….


I’ve got an odd feeling that Major League Baseball will continue with it’s blunders of the past. I’ll imagine Bud Selig will cave to paranoid player and public reaction, regardless of whether those opposed to Arizona’s law are really speaking for the majority. It’s all about perception, with Bud Selig. And, he’s pretty bad at playing such a hand.

If I use the Rex & Ray Show to convey my personal feelings regarding the Arizona topic, what will listeners do? I’d bet they’ll turn the dial …..

Major League Baseball is in a similar situation. But, I doubt they even realize it.

I’m also betting Ozzie Guillen and Adrian Gonzalez don’t really know this law. They’re just shooting from the hip and making reckless, irresponsible statements. But, I don’t expect anything less …. THEY’RE A COUPLE BASEBALL PERSONALITIES.

Thus, I give them the same relevance as the celebrity who tells me how to vote in each election.