Numbers, numbers, numbers

February 03, 2008 | Keith Melchior

At approximately 715pm eastern time today the first set of numbers will appear. There will be rousing cheers. About 45 minutes later the second set of numbers will surface. More cheers will be heard, especially if the 2nd set of numbers  is the same as the 1st set.

Some cursing will also take place, either because a field goal was missed, an extra point blocked or a team chooses to go for it on 4th and 6 instead of attempting a 57 yard field goal as time winds down in the half.

For the past 2 weeks everyone who plunked down anywhere from 50 cents  to upwards of $1000 per block has been hoping for those perfect combinations of numbers which will give them a very nice return on their short term investment. Millions upon millions of dollars have changed hands over the past 10 days not including the money wagered in Las Vegas and at some of the online sports investment firms. And people complain about the high cost of energy these days?

0-0, 7-0, 4-7, 3-0, 3-3, 7-7, 1-7 are all looked upon as favorites while 9-8, 9-2, 9-0, 9-4, and 2-2 are frowned upon. Those of us who have those not-so-popular digits will be on our knees praying for a blocked extra point, a safety, or quite a few field goals. Makes you want to see the CFLs rouge added to the scoring. I recall a game in which a friend of mine lost out on a $5000 payday because Ali Haji Shank sailed one wide right as time was running out in the quarter. Elation one minute turned my friend into a Giants hater. Somewhere out there in the EBay world is an Ali Haji Shiek voodoo doll with pins stuck in the leg.

The game really has no rooting interest unless you are a Giants or Patriots fan, are Tom Brady’d out and are tired of New England being a dynasty, want to see history made no matter the outcome, bet the mortgage on the coin toss being heads, or entered one of the infamous Super Bowl Block pools. Oops, I forgot the commercials, which actually haven’t been THAT good the last couple years. I know if the broadcast turns into a Tom Brady lovefest I’ll be flipping the channel to an Andy of Mayberry marathon somewhere.

I wish all of you good numbers and good luck today. 

NE 4 Giants 0 and can stay that way all game long and I’ll be able to buy my season tickets and have a beer or two.