Ok, I Can Admit I Was Wrong

January 11, 2010 | Chad Lamasa

I was nervous going into the game yesterday. There was too much going against us.
Here are just a few of the items. The Patriots haven’t lost at home under Tom Brady since 2006. The Patriots haven’t lost a home playoff game since 1978. We had never beaten the Patriots in franchise history. Tom Brady is a historically good quarterback. Randy Moss is a Hall of Fame wide receiver. The Ravens have secondary issues. The Ravens have had penalty issues all season.
On the first play of the game all of that went out the window. Ray Rice breaking off an 83 yard TD run completely changed the complexion of the game.
If that play didn’t, certainly Suggs stripping the ball from Tom Brady did. Leading to another touchdown for the Ravens and an early 14-0 hole for the Patriots. My Facebook status after that play was ” Apparently the Ravens heard about my skepticism and are out to prove me wrong.”
That was basically all we needed. We seemed to get into Brady’s head. There was a play where he had a pretty good lane to the end zone but instead of running, he threw the ball over Edelman’s head through the goal posts.
When was the last time Tom Brady threw three picks in one game?
Our defense played much like the defense of 2000, looking like they had something to prove.
Ray Lewis had a hand in 13 tackles, including a sack, while playing much more like a 24 year old than the 34 year old that he is.
Landry, Carr and Walker, who have been terrible most of the season, have been playing much better lately. Yesterday was probably the best game of the year for all three of them, as they combined for 11 tackles and two picks.
Terrell Suggs got back to being the guy we paid for when we signed him to that huge deal in the off season.
The old cliche is that defense wins championships. If they continue to play like they did yesterday we have a very good chance at another Lombardi trophy.
Joe Flacco had a QB rating of 10 yesterday, which matched his number of attempts. Obviously getting the quick 14-0 lead changed the game plan and he wasn’t asked to throw the ball much. At that point he became Trent Dilfer and just needed to manage the game and not turn the ball over.
We returned to using the three headed monster running game, something I think has been seriously lacking all season. They combined for 229 yards rushing and four TDs, with each of them scoring at least once.
The Ravens received only three penalties for a total of 15 yards.
Our next game is against Indianapolis. Another team we haven’t had much success against over the years. They have a historically good QB as well. Not to mention a solid receiving corp. But, if we can limit Randy Moss to five catches for 48 yards we should have no problem with the Colts receivers.
I guess I needed them to prove to me they deserve to be in the playoffs. Well they did that in the first quarter yesterday. I just want to say I’m sorry for doubting you guys.
Bring on the Colts!