OK, the O’s Hangout “Grilling” is on…(I think)

March 05, 2009 | Drew Forrester

The most intense negotiating session in Baltimore has come to an end.

And, no, it wasn’t Ray and Ozzie.

After six e-mails and far more conversation than was actually nececessary, Steve Harrell, an Orioles Hangout member, is going to have the opportunity to interview me.

In his first e-mail, Harrell challenged me by writing, “I’d like to see how you handle being grilled…” (the way you grill people, he went on to write).

Steve is an O’s fan who thinks I’m unfair to the team.  He’s an OH member who thinks I’m unfair to them.

Steve’s also a guy who doesn’t really know the truth about a lot of things, but, I assume, he’ll find that out during “the grilling”.

This whole charade started yesterday and took more twists and turns than Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow in “A Perfect Murder.”

At mid-day Wednesday, Steve tried to establish a bunch of silly rules and regulations about the interview session as if he was going to be chatting with Castro.  Some WNST.net regulars warned me of possible OH hi-jinx and even a couple of blog commenters demanded I “video” the “grilling session…but when I gave that option to Steve Harrell, he got sweaty palms.

So, we “broke up” for a few hours and a couple of other OH’ers came forward with loose – but not serious – proposals to take over for Steve and his “grilling” offer.

Today, for now, at least, Steve Harrell is BACK as the OH “griller” and he’ll interview me later today.

We’ve executed a truce of sorts with regard to the rules for the interview.  He’s against having the session video taped but he’ll allow me to post the interview first at WNST.net.  He’ll have a signed (by both of us) copy of the transcript of the interview for his records to ensure that what he writes and I post afterward are one and the same.

So, let the grilling begin…

Steve’s most recent e-mail (that’s 7 in case you’re counting…) offers this warning:  “I’m not going to pull any punches.  I’m interested to see how you handle it.”

I’m interested to see if the whole thing actually happens.

I’ll let you know later today.