Olympic losses make me a happy Caps fan

February 25, 2010 |

Not that i am a fan of any country losing out on a chance to win a medal for their country and for themselves, i will say Russian, Czech Republic and Sweden losing is great as a Caps fan. Having all 5 of the Capitals who represented the above mentioned team back in D.C. and at practice on Tuesday is huge. One they get the rest they need that the rest of the team has had for 10 days. Two they can refocus on finishing out the season and making a solid run for the Cup, and three having more time to gel with their team. Some would argue with me on this point but im a believer that winning the Stanley Cup is far more important than to win a medal, especially when its your job and you get paid to do it and paid very well if your in Washington. Lets be honest yes the Caps have a 14 point lead in the Eastern Conference overall and a commanding lead of the woeful Southeast Division, but they still need work in some areas. Defense and clearing the zone when they need to. penalty killing and play in the neutral zone. By no means are these in dire straits but to make a good run in the playoffs they have to improve. No longer can people make argument’s that Ovechkin is the entire team. We have seen way to much this year that the supporting cast is the best that its ever been. In the end i think it will be better that these players are eliminated early and back with the team. Just ask Ryan Miller if the USA makes it to the gold medal game, where 3 days later he will be between the pipes against the Caps. Coming back across country and having practice and literally no rest will be extremely difficult and straining on him. On a side note i hope the NHL continues to allow players to participate in the Olympics. Although it defeats the purpose and true essence of the games , it has been very entertaining to watch. A suitable replacement for 2 weeks of no Caps hockey