Olympics – Halftime Report

February 22, 2010 | Tom Federline

I’m digging it! Television coverage on four channels, two continuous at night, is working. Having the opportunity to surf back and forth between NBC / MSNBC or CNBC and catch Olympic action is a treat. Bag the commercials, bag most of the Figure Skating (especially the awarding of points – It’s Fixed), bag Bob Costas (they need to change hosts every 4 days), bag the minutia. Cross country skiing – cool, commercial – switch channels – Skeleton, commercial – switch – Dr. Feelgood story, Bob Costas talking – switch – Downhill skiing with incredible wipeouts, commercial – switch – CURLING is on! If you get the chance – Seize the Moment – and watch some Olympics. It will be the best television you watch all year.

Straight to the top dog story of the weekend (besides the Terps win over Georgia Tech – a later blog). USA! USA! Were you lucky enough to catch the ice hockey game – Underdog USA vs. the Favored Canada? If you did, stow it away in the memory bank. If you didn’t, you missed the best team sporting  event I have witnessed in quite some time. Yes, it is better when the team you are rooting for wins. But when it’s in the opposing teams house, the underdog is holding it’s own, the whole Canadian hockey innuendo deal towards USA …….  it sure was sweet to make them eat it!  That was some kinda entertainment. The refs let them play and they did. Even the wearing of replica jerseys from 1980 – just gave me chills every time they cleared the puck or had a run at goal. When you are rooting for time to tick off the clock – You Are Hooked! USA 5 – The Bad Guys 3. Awesome.

Positives: USA Medal count (24 – a surprising lead – which makes it better), Ice Hockey competition and coverage – (it’s All Star teams for almost every country – and they are playing like they want it), minimal controversy,  Ok, some controversy – the Russian ice dancing teams wardrobe and music selection. So what? I like it and I give them credit for pushing the envelope! But really, get the ice dancing out of the Olympics and onto the X-Games or Pro Skating tour. Have you heard the word steroid? Or drug enhancing substances? I haven’t. The majority (95%) of the athletes attitude and determination. Relief from the Winter doldrums and the white stuff.

Negatives: Luge death, the “non-lighting” of the Olympic flame (Canada not prepared), safety fence on Womens Cross Country ski course (Canada not prepared), maintaining ice quality at the speed skating track (Canada not prepared), am I sensing a trend here? The number of commercials ( NBC – fairly consistent with 5 minutes of show / 2 minutes of commercials) – don’t get sucked in – switch the channel. Inclusion of “X – game” sports (see previous blog, comments and responses). The Figure Skating Fix (it’s all pre-determined unless there is a major fall). And that’s to bad, because there is some high quality skating talent on that ice. Where is the snow? It is supposed to be snowing …………in Vancouver. Where is Brian Boitano? And finally, why isn’t Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards doing the commentating for the ski jumping?

Great competition. Plenty of coverage. The USA is exceeding expectations and “Taking Care of Business” – Bachman Turner Overdrive. The snow is melting and the days are getting longer. The Olympics are making it warmer and I need to get some suntan lotion on.

Hit me up witih your favorite moment of these Olympics so far.