One Down, Two to Go

November 06, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     Well folks, a lot rides on Sunday’s game.  It seems that I have said that a lot this season.  Last week I wrote that in order for the Ravens to have a shot at post season, they would have to win last week’s game, this week’s game, and next week’s game in Cleveland.

     The Ravens took care of business on all sides of the ball.  The D was solid, O looked good and special teams played a big part as well.  Not only did we get a kick off returned for 6, but their kick off and punt coverage was superb.  The offense moved the ball on Denver.  And of course Joe Flacco looked good.  The defense shut down Kyle Orten and his offensive weapons.  Despite every efforts by the zebras to keep Denver in the game, the Purple Birds were not going to let them be a factor.

     The Ravens are one game behind both Cincinnatti, and Pittsburgh.  A Ravens win coupled with a Pittsburgh lose would cause a three way tie for first place in the AFC North.  The Ravens would have control of its own destiny because they still have two games to play against the Steelers yet.  A lose would put us two games behind the Bengals and virtually out of the post season picture.

     If we lose Sunday we’d be 4-4 at the midway point.  At 4-4 with the Colts, and two against Pitt yet to play, the fat lady would be tuning her voice ready to sing.

     So Sunday’s yet another MUST win.  I hope the refs leave their flags in their pockets and let the men play.  I can handle losing to a better team.  I can’t handle losing to the refs.  The refs already cost us the New England and the first  game against Cincinnati.  It’s time for the zebras to be extinct.  LET THE MEN PLAY!!!!!!

54-46-1 against the spread