Open Letter to the Orioles

August 08, 2011 | John West

Dear Orioles,

I’m sure you noticed that your attendance numbers for the August 5th home game against Toronto, with fireworks after the game, was around 18,000 people. I am also sure you noticed that the very next morning the attendance for the Baltimore Ravens practice at M&T Bank stadium was around 24,000 people. To quote former NBA star Allen Iverson “Practice, were talking about Practice here people”.

I am going to suggest something to you that you might not have thought about yet, in fact I’m sure you haven’t, and that is to look at those numbers and get excited. That’s correct, get very excited.

You see, this town loves its sports teams. We have a long and proud tradition of supporting all levels of sports teams here in Baltimore. That support is alive, strong and ready to be supportive.

It is you, Baltimore Orioles, you that has abandoned us. You are racing towards a 14 year of losing baseball and currently seem assured of again posting the worst record in the American League. You are reducing your international presence and continue to charge extra money for customers who decide to walk up and by tickets the day of the game.

It is in your power, and your power only, to make a change. But here this, if you do we are here to support you. Lovingly and will all of our passion, we will support you. The problem you have is most of us feel as though you stop caring about winning a long time ago. That you care more about making as much money as possible and fielding an incompetent product, like you are doing again this year. That you decided to lose with a payroll of $70 to $90 million dollars as opposed to trying to win at all costs. The once sacred bond between you and your fans of “winning has to be our number 1 priority” has been replaced by……………..something all together horrible.

The Ravens have the “winning is the number 1 priority” attitude from the top of their organization down to the very bottom. At every level of interaction fans have with the Ravens they are treated with a sense of “Thank you” and “We are lucky to have you as fans”. That bond is strong and supported by all the Ravens fans.

And I WANT that with you, Baltimore Orioles. I want that very bad. However, as I finish typing this I can’t help but become overcome with the following sentiment, and that is I want that soooo much more than you do.

It’s in your hands now, Orioles. I will wait with little expectation of a change. What a shame, because as the 24,000 thousand people who showed up to watch the Ravens practice, you are really missing a golden opportunity.