Oriole Front Office Fiasco

October 04, 2011 | John West

How do the Orioles take their front office situation and screw it up more than ever?

I have been struck with this question since last Friday and I fear what the answer will be.

It appears obvious that Andy McFail wants to leave. His 4 year contract is up and he has done all that he came here to do……make the owner more money. (If any of you doubt this you should just stop reading anything else other than the Baltimore Sun).

There was a big sit down meeting last Friday between McFail, Showalter and Angelos. That meeting was to discuss the future of the Orioles front office. The issue is will McFail stay or leave. One would think that was an easy question. Stay or Leave. Not with the Orioles.

It is looking as though McFail told Angelos he was done as the GM. Simple, goodbye and good luck. Easy. Not with the Orioles. It appears as though Angelos really wants McFail to stick around in some sort of front office capacity. Maybe some General Manager responsibilities. What those responsibilities will be and what he will do is gray, AT BEST.

Next we have Buck Showalter. He is deciding if he wants to stay on as the Field Manager or maybe be the next General Manager. Most likely he would remain Field Manager, but also wants to pick up some General Manager responsibilities.

Ok, so we have 2 people with some GM responsibilities, but no actual GM. Perfect. That’s so “New Oriole Way”

That leaves open and needing to be filled the actual position of General Manager. I ask you the simple question, What competent, qualified forward thinking General Manager candidate would possibly walk into this position? He would already have 2 people telling him what to do, most notably the person who works underneath him in Buck Showalter.

That’s 3 people with General Manager responsibilities. How can that possibly work?

Who would fire whom? I can already see a meeting sometime next June where all 3 of these people will try to fire one of the other. It’s like an Abbot and Costello routine. “I fire you, no you can’t I fire you, no you can’t I fire you all”

Not to mention the Orioles are the only organization that has tried the 2 General Manger, or Co-General Managers, approach. How did that work out? Not to be disrespectful but that was such an epic failure that Mike Flanagan committed suicide allegedly because of the guilt he had for not being able to turn things around here with the Orioles. Hmmmm, let’s do that again, but BIGGER.

Given how raw emotionally the Flanagan situation is, it seems perverse to contemplate that the Orioles are looking to institute a front office plan that would have 3 GM’s. But that’s how things are looking today for the Orioles.

This incompetence is a little shocking to me, and I have incredibly low expectations for the Orioles. Even I thought they would take the positive feelings of the last 2 weeks of the season and not screw up the off-season within 1 week. I am continually reminded of how I need to lower my expectation with the Orioles.

Please let McFail leave, please let Showalter be one or the other, coach or GM, and please fill the position that Showalter leaves vacant with somebody qualified to do that job. It sounds so freaken simple, but in Oriole world it appears to be next to impossible.