Oriole Magic memories

June 15, 2008 | Keith Melchior

Friday night the Orioles celebrated the “birth” of Oriole Magic in 1979 with the arrival of the Pittsburgh (“We Are Family”…ughhh..I HATE that friggin song) Pirates.  Didn’t you just want to take that whistle from Omar Moreno’s wife and shove it down her throat?

Although the throwback 1979 unis and stirrups looked kind of awkward on a few players, I absolutely LOVED seeing the cartoon bird on the hats again.

Seeing Earl Weaver, Doug DeCinces, Scott McGregor and Grant Jackson last night revived my memories of the 1970’s Oriole teams. I fondly remember the radio braodcast on WFBR with Chuck Thompson, Bill O’Donnell, and Charley Eckman all going crazy when DeCinces hit the game winning home run. Chuck was making the call..”there’s a long fly ball to deep left field..” with Eckman chiming in, “it might get out of here, get out of here” and then Chuck yelling,”GONE”.. Bill O’Donnell screaming “HOME RUN.. HOME RUN.. HOME RUN”… and toward the end of the mayhem, Charley says..” all the way to Sante Fe,, ahh hahh hahh”  It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. All 3 of those guys are a part of my past and some of my fondest memories came from listening to them on the radio. That had to be the absolute greatest call of any single play in baseball history next to  Bobby Thompson’s “shot heard ’round the world.”  

I know I have been a little critical about the Orioles over the last few years, but they appear to be doing the right things in stirring up the memories and traditions of old. It sounds like someone got in Andy McPhail’s head about what baseball meant around these parts some 30 to 40 years ago.

Baseball is supposed to be fun, right? Cartoons are fun too, or at least they used to be, so why not bring back the cartoon bird on a full time basis and dump that prim and proper museum looking bird that looks like he’s constipated? 

I have an idea they’ll screw that up somehow and it won’t be a permanent thing, but putting Baltimore on the road uniforms again is a step in the right direction.  Now, let’s lobby for the permanent return of the cartoon bird!!

For what it’s worth…I’ll reveal my final 4 selections for the the KOBS tournament early in the week along with my thoughts about Jon Ogden.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads!!