Orioles addition of Mark Reynolds is a “favorable step”

December 06, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Although the Orioles are no longer in position to overshadow the Ravens on the day following a game, the Birds gave the football team a run for their money today with the announcement that Mark Reynolds is coming to Baltimore to play baseball.

It’s big news for Orioles fans.

And for good reason. Reynolds is a home-run waiting to happen, or a 3-strikeout-game-waiting-to-happen. That’s his charm, I guess. It’s a little bit like ordering food at a French restaurant when you don’t speak French. There’s a chance you’ll like it and a chance you won’t.

Chances are good you’ll love Mark Reynolds in 2011 and chances are good you WON’T love him at various points as well.

For now, though, he solves the Orioles third base quandry. He’s WAY better than Josh Bell. Talk about a human-strikeout-machine, Bell might have whiffed 225 times in 600 bats next season. Reynolds will free-swing his way into a lot of strikeouts next season, but he’s capable of driving the ball out of the ballpark in every at-bat.

Don’t let Reynolds’ woeful 2010 season fool you. He’s better than that.

How he’ll fare facing the always-tough pitching of the Rays, Red Sox and Yankees – and the improving Blue Jays – over a 72-game A.L. East schedule remains to be seen.

Lots of people are asking me if this was a good trade today.

My answer: check back with me next September.

If Reynolds throws up a .224 average and hits 24 homers and drives in 81 runs, I’ll say it was a bad decision to bring him on board. Better option? Sure: Adrian Beltre. But Beltre isn’t coming to Baltimore for the half-minimum-wage-offer the Orioles would surely try and coax him into taking.

But if Reynolds can boost that average into the .260 range again and hit upwards of 40 HR’s with over 100 RBI, I’ll say without hesitation “that was a good trade”.

I don’t really care all that much about losing David Hernandez and Kam whats-his-name. Like I wrote earlier today, Hernandez is