Orioles addition of Mark Reynolds is a “favorable step”

December 06, 2010 | Drew Forrester

a good, young, live arm (maybe the best arm on the team) and Mickolio was nothing more than 15% gratuity tacked on. They MIGHT miss Hernandez but they’ll never rue the day they lost Kam Mickolio.

I did find it odd that Andy MacPhail once again steered clear of his solemn vow to “grow the arms and buy the bats”.

He didn’t BUY anything today.

He TRADED for a bat…and gave away two young arms (one groomed via the draft, the other via trade) in the process.

Not that I care. Because I don’t, really. All I care about is that the time might actually try to get better this off-season. Last winter, they hood-winked us into *thinking* they tried to get better, then tacked on a silly day-of-game ticket surcharge as a reward for our blind faith.

I don’t REALLY care that they lost Hernandez and Mickolio. To get someone good, you have to give up good pieces.

But the fact is this: The Orioles “traded the arms and acquired the bat” today. There were no purchases made in Orlando on the Andy MacPhail credit card.

Semantics? Perhaps.

On the whole, though, this was a favorable step for the Orioles in that it allows them to full admit their Josh Bell mistake without having to actually do that — they can simply start him off at Norfolk next spring and keep a close eye on him and throw a parade if he ever manages to walk twice in the same game.

Mark Reynolds is an Oriole.

A power hitter has been acquired.

There is a God.

Now we just have to hope he can bump up his average, cut down on the strikeouts and not follow the same trail as last winter’s n’er do well signing…Garrett Atkins.

We’ve all seen firsthand how coming to Baltimore can adversely affect someone’s career. You show up with good intentions, put forth a reasonably professional effort for a few months, look up at the standings in June, see the Orioles 19.5 games out of first place, then put it on cruise control for the last 90 days.

Did someone mention Kevin Millwood?

Let’s hope Reynolds can stay interested from April through September.

If he stays interested, that means we might actually be interested, too.

And we haven’t been interested in September baseball in Baltimore since 1997.

I’m hoping Mark Reynolds can help change that.