Orioles All Star Center Fielder Adam Jones…I Like the Sound of That

July 05, 2009 | Tom Clayton

Adam Jones was named a reserve outfielder on the 2009 All Star team this afternoon.  At 23 years old and in just his second full season in the majors this is quite an accomplishment.  Jones is the youngest Orioles All Star since Mike Mussina who was about two months younger then Jones when he made the team in 1992.  On the season Jones is hitting .307 with twelve homers and forty-six runs driven in.  The league has also begun to take notice of the outstanding work Jones is doing in centerfield; he is quickly becoming one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball.


Jones is the second All Star the Orioles acquired from Seattle for Erik Bedard, after George Sherrill made the 2008 All Star team.  While the Orioles got two players who have developed into All Stars in a season and a half since the trade, Erik Bedard has made only 26 starts for the Mariners and has had multiple stints on the DL.  In fact Bedard is currently on the DL with shoulder inflammation…something that is becoming old hat for “Mr. Personality”.  And on top acquiring Jones and Sherrill who have already made All Star teams the Orioles also got Chris Tillman in the deal, who is looking more and more like a legitimate top of the rotation starter.


The fans, managers, and players did a good job choosing this year’s team except for one glaring mistake.  How in the world did Texas second baseman Ian Kinsler not make the team? Kinsler is only hitting .256 but he has nineteen home runs and fifty-one RBI with sixteen stolen bases at SECOND BASE.  Aaron Hill was a no doubt selection but the fans decision to vote Dustin Pedroia as a starter over Kinsler is a joke.  Pedroia is hitting twenty points higher but Kinsler has seventeen more home runs, sixteen more RBI, two more stolen bases and his slugging percentage is .133 higher than Boston’s second baseman.  Kinsler is one of the five players eligible to make the team with the fans final vote and with no Oriole on the list I implore Baltimoreans to give their vote to Kinsler.


Well Congratulations to Adam Jones; may this be the first of many All Star games in your future.