Orioles and Barry Bonds?

May 07, 2008 |

Okay, I realize this is going to sound nuts.  And I said a couple of months ago that there was no way the Orioles should even consider Barry Bonds.  But maybe I was wrong. 

Follow me on this.

We all know the Orioles can’t hit.  I mean check out the numbers.  They’re 12th in the league in batting average, 11th in OBP and 12th in runs scored.  Granted, they’ve managed to stay among the middle of the pack in home runs (7th) but it’s early and I promise once the bats of the Indians, Red Sox, and Blue Jays heat up, they’ll drop in that category as well. 

Gee, do you think the best hitter of our generation might help?

Last year Bonds was still among the most feared hitters in baseball and I’m pretty sure he’d make a better cleanup hitter than Kevin Millar or Aubrey Huff.  I mean, I’m no manager but call it a hunch.

Bonds in the middle of the Orioles lineup gives Markakis the protection he needs.  Right now he’s seeing less good pitches than Stevie Wonder and clearly looks frustrated at the plate.

Bonds can help.

Some would argue that acquiring Bonds would be antithetical to this whole rebuilding thing.  Heck, a month ago I said the same thing. 

But I was wrong.

Say what you want about Barry Bonds, he’s a guy who knows how to hit a baseball and maybe, a change a scenery and a fresh attitude would make Bonds a veteran presence who can help the young hitters- Jones, Markakis and Luke Scott specifically- get better.

Maybe.  Or maybe he’ll just be a moody jerk.

Either way, the guy’s going to produce and the Orioles need offensive production more than Wimpy needed hamburgers.

He won’t cost that much.  He’s a far better hitter than ANYONE on the Orioles and might even get some of you (well, those who don’t ABSOLUTELY HATE HIM) back to Camden Yards.  Dare I say he might even be good enough, mixed into a far better lineup than the San Francisco Giants the last couple of years, to keep the Orioles competitive all season long.

And just think how happy Guthrie, Burres, Cabrera and the rest of the pitching staff will be knowing there’s a guy who can change the game with one swing.

I’m sold.  What do you think?