May 05, 2009 |

If  a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  It’s the age old question.  Well, here’s another one for you: If the 1 thru 3 at the top of your line-up are the best in the sport, but are on a last place team, will anybody notice?  That appears the position that Brian Roberts, Adam Jones and Nick Markakis are in as the top three in the Birds line-up appear destined to a season in the cellar.

To watch these guys perform this season has been pure joy.  Roberts, the ultimate lead-off guy.  The growth and dominance of Adam Jones and the complete hitter that is Nick Markakis.   As an O’s fan, you never want to miss a single at bat from the top of the line-up.  The only bummer is that you have to wade through 6 more players batting before you get to see these guys step up to the plate again.  The numbers are incredible.  The Big 3 have a batting average of .340 with 55 rbi’s in just 27 games. That is flat out crushing the ball. 

Now the bad news .  In those 27 games, the Orioles have won only 10.  It seems impossible that a line-up featuring this many hitting studs could have such a poor record.  But remember, these are our Orioles we are talking about.  Plus, add in the fact that the Birds now find themselves 8 games behind first place.  That is the largest deficit in all of baseball.  And we are only six weeks into this season.  (Give me strength!)  What it also means, unfortunately for Roberts, Jones and Markakis is that the rest of the baseball and sporting world will ignore the Orioles and their players for the 12th straight season. 

For the next six months, the basball community will be obsessesd with the Red Sox and Yankees.  The dominance of the Dodgers out West and more stories about how Albert Pujols is the greatest right handed hitter since Joe Dimaggio.  Meanwhile, the Big 3 here in Baltimore will be virtually ignored.  It just doesn’t seem fair.  Sure one of these guys will make the All-Star team, and maybe even two will get the call, but unless the Birds turn things around and get some national ink, Jones, Roberts and Markakis might as well be playing in your backyard.  Baseball is not a fair game and the top of the Orioles line-up is learning that the hard way.   It’s fantastic that as Orioles fans, we get to see these guys play every day, but it would also be great if others would take notice.  Hopefully, the hits just keep coming for this talented trio and the last place camp that has been set up will only be temporary.  Players this talented deserve better.