Orioles & Bundy are a perfect fit, but will it get complicated?

June 07, 2011 |

As high schools around the United States are in the midst of graduating senior classes, most affected kids are hoping for the typical gifts …..


Such rewards for accomplishment might include earmarked funds for impending college tuition, some disposable cash for a senior-week vacation and the customary token gestures, like gift cards and personal goods.


But, for Dylan Bundy, a rarity as obscure as winning a lottery jackpot is about to become a reality in his young, 18 year old life.  Indeed, he’s just a couple months away from becoming a millionaire.


Make that a multi-millionaire …..


Last night, the Orioles selected Bundy with the #4 overall pick in Major League Baseball’s amateur draft.  No surprise, right?  The birds did very little to conceal their adoration for the Owasso, Oklahoma native.


The only question heading into yesterday’s festivities regarded Bundy’s availability and whether he would still be on the board when Andy MacPhail and company were afforded their selection.


I’ll bet there was some nervous tension in the Orioles “Sarasota War Room” as baseball nerds watched Bud Selig walk to the podium the first few times.  Gerrit Cole?  GONE.  Danny Hultzen?  GONE.  Trevor Bauer?  GONE.


And, so it was to be …..


Following a couple months of subtle flirting and some casual conversation between Joe Jordan and “Camp Bundy”, the birds found no further obstacles in the path leading to the coveted, right-handed phenom.


Yeah, I’ve heard the rumored price tag attached to Dylan Bundy’s services.  It’s the old “$30 MILLION PIPE DREAM”.  A simple Google search will reveal the consistencies between the heralded selections in recent drafts and the so-called whispers of wanting a cache of money that DOUBLES any figure ever awarded to a draft pick.


Stephen Strasburg wanted $30 million.  He settled for $15 million.


Bryce Harper wanted $30 million.  He settled for $10 million.


Dylan Bundy wants $30 million.  He ain’t getting it.


And, don’t believe the coy message sent when the world saw Bundy sporting a Texas Longhorns shirt on television, last night.  He’s not opting for the Longhorns baseball program over an offer of millions from Baltimore.


He might as well be wearing that shirt as a symbolic gesture of support for Sergio Kindle.


I suppose a constructively optimistic sign can be distinguished in knowing Scott Boras is not representing Dylan Bundy.  That’s right, take your collective sigh of relief …..


Bundy is actually represented by B.B.I Sports Group, and its founder, Jay Franklin.  Yep, that’s the same Jay Franklin many of us recall as a pitcher for the Texas Rangers.  Have a look at the B.B.I. website, right HERE


If you scroll down to the 7th member of the B.B.I. organization, you’ll likely notice a name that helps in understanding why Dylan Bundy is NOT represented by Scott Boras. 


Denver Bundy – Dylan’s father, is employed by B.B.I. and according to his bio, the elder Bundy negotiated the contract for Bobby Bundy, in 2008.  Yep, that’s Dylan’s older brother and current member of the Bowie Baysox.


I know what a couple readers might be thinking …..


The last time a father negotiated a top draft pick’s deal with the Orioles, Larry McDonald created some hard feelings and strained relations with the ballclub.  In the end, Ben McDonald signed with the birds, but not before ensuring an acrimonious relationship moving forward.


It does not appear that Denver Bundy anchors the same stubborn positioning as Larry McDonald.  Bundy has experience in negotiating with professional baseball franchises.  Larry McDonald worked for Exxon; that was the extent of his credentials.


But, whenever the heart gets involved, strange things can happen. 


Scott Boras doesn’t really love Gerrit Cole.  Nor, does he love Anthony Rendon.  But, Denver Bundy loves his son, and such realities can cloud reasonable thinking.


Perhaps, Jay Franklin really will take the reigns in these negotiations.  From everything I’ve read, that’s the case.  And, it’s probably the right thing to do, regardless of the success in inking Bobby Bundy to a lucrative $600,000 deal – which was a record for 8th round selections.


Am I worried?  Nope.


Dylan Bundy is signing with the Orioles.  My guess is the figure will be in the $7 million range, or a little less.


A full ride to college is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Getting drafted so highly can be construed as a similar situation.  But, in taking the money NOW, Bundy can pay for any college if his career doesn’t materialize.


He’ll take the money.  Bet on it.