Orioles got us again, fellas

December 05, 2010 | Paul Hoke

2011 was supposed to be the year, wasn’t it?  WASN’T IT, ANDY?!?  After he was hired a the Oriole President of Baseball Operations, or General Manager for those of us who speak Angelos, Andy MacPhail told the fan base that 2011 was definitely going to be the year the competitive balance shifted in the American League East.  The year the Baltimore Orioles were going to contend once again with the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, and recapture the glories of our baseball past.

Somewhere, the bully from The Simpsons is yelling a big, “HA HA” at Orioles’ fans.

Andy did it to us again.  After “losing out” on players like Victor Martinez, Adam Dunn, and Adrian Gonzalez, this baseball team guaranteed that not only will 2011 be no different then any of the past 13 miserable seasons, but it also once again shows us that at the end of the day, Andy MacPhail and the Orioles are, to quote Dennis Green, exactly who we thought they were.

I guess losing out isn’t the right term for what has happened to the Orioles this off season.  After all, in order to “lose out”, you have to put forth some type of reasonable effort.  Which I’m not convinced they have done.  I will NEVER believe that they offered Victor Martinez a $48 million contract.  He said all along that he wanted to catch and would not go to any team where transitioning to first base was an option.  Last time, I checked, the Orioles have a pretty good catcher.  Although they’re doing a great job of ruining his career.  So why would you…. You know what, we’re talking about the Orioles, so I’m not even gonna finish that question.  They offered to give Adam Dunn, who was coming off a 38-homer, 103-RBI season, a $2 million pay cut.  Hmmmmm.  Yeah, that sounds like Orioles baseball.  Some of the apologists in this town then berated the White Sox for “overspending” (that’s a novel concept, isn’t it?) by giving Dunn a 4 year, $56 million deal.  So they in effect rewarded one of the top free agents on the market with a $2 million a year raise.  Hmmmm.  Interesting.

I’m really not even going to comment on the Adrian Gonzalez trade because the Orioles were never seriously in consideration for that.  It involves three things the Orioles don’t do: #1: Spend money for top talent.  They would’ve had to back up the Brinks truck to keep Gonzalez here after his current contract expires, and Andy doesn’t spend money. #2: Trade away the young talent.  The Orioles have always overvalued their young players, and are never going to part ways with prospects you they feel are “our future.” #3: Give off the impression that they are really trying to get better.  13 years of this garbage…enough said.

The bottom line is all that garbage that has spewed out of Andy’s filthy sewer is exactly that…GARBAGE.  This team doesn’t care about winning, it doesn’t care about it’s fans, it doesn’t care about it’s history or tradition, and it certainly doesn’t care about being truthful and honest.  It goes back to that timeless saying, that actions speak louder then words.  And the sad fact is, all this organization cares about is MAKING MONEY.  And unlike generations past, the current structure of the MLB, and the Orioles in general, ensures that no matter what they do on the field, or how many people AREN’T going to the games, the Orioles still make money.  And as long as the rest of the media partners in this market lie in bed with these lying thieves, WNST will continue to be the only source for the truth of what the Orioles really are.  They are a despicable organization, run by despicable people who have destroyed not only a once proud franchise, but also an entire community whose entire economy was supposed to rely on the move to a downtown stadium.  And none of these cowards in the local media report on it, because they get their checks from 333 W. Camden Street no matter what.  Could you imagine how desolate downtown Baltimore would be without the Ravens??  We’d be the Cedar Rapids of the east coast.  Oh wait, no we wouldn’t.  Their minor league baseball team is actually decent.  Ours, not so much.

There are a lot of people who compare the state of the Baltimore Orioles with that of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals.  I totally disagree.  The Pirates and the Royals don’t hide from who they really are, and don’t mask the fact that they can’t compete financially with the bigger clubs.  The Orioles could most certainly compete financially with the Yankees and Red Sox, they did it as recently as the late 1990’s.  But where the Orioles separate themselves from the Pirates and Royals, is that they lie and deceive their dwindling fanbase, and BS us into thinking that they’re really trying to get better, when all they are doing, is trying to pad the Angelos’ retirement fund.

As a lifelong Oriole fan, I have reached a new level of disgust for this team, it’s owner, it’s administration, it’s staff, and most of all, Andy MacPhail.  He lied when he was hired.  He lied when he first spoke.  And he continues to lie everytime the rare occasion occurs, that he “speaks” to the media.


What would your father and grandfather think of you today……