Orioles Hangout gives me chin music today

April 14, 2009 | Drew Forrester

So much for talkin’ baseball with the good folks at Orioles Hangout.

That’s where the city’s most ardent baseball fans hang-out (no pun intended) and you’re always going to get your money’s worth when you engage in conversation over there.  

Peter Angelos wouldn’t ever say, “they need to bleed orange and black at the OH”…because they’d gush orange and black if you pricked their collective index fingers.  If you want to take the pulse of the Baltimore baseball community, you do it at the OH.

That’s why, yesterday, I decided I’d alert the OH masses that O’s #1 draft pick Brian Matusz was going to be on The Comcast Morning Show at 9:05 am.  I posted details of the Matusz interview (df1570 is my OH name) and several Hangout regulars commented on it and most, if not all, were looking forward to hearing the team’s rock star lefthander talk about his early days as a professional with the Frederick Keys.   Unfortunately, Monday’s interview was delayed a day after a miscommunication between Matusz and the Keys’ PR staff.  No worries…we rescheduled it for today – Tuesday – at 9:05 am again.

So, this morning, I logged on again at OH and reminded everyone that the Matusz interview was “a go” for today. 

A handful of contributors posted comments to my thread and one of them offered a reasonable question for Matusz about restrictions (if any) placed on him by the O’s front office.  

I threw that question to Matusz during the interview, plus a bunch of others, as the former University of San Diego star spent the better part of 15 minutes with me.  By the way, the interview with Matusz is up at WNST.net if you want to hear it.

When I checked back at OH to see if any other regulars had a question they wanted me to pose for Matusz, guess what I saw?

The thread was gone.  


Nowhere to be found.

As mysterious as that might have been, here’s the other odd element of today’s event.

Throughout spring training, I enjoyed a 3-day-a-week Orioles report with OH staffer Scott Hoffman.  That was MY gesture and MY nod to the OH that I appreciate their passion and knowledge of the team and Hoffman, among the admins over there who appear to be at the top of the totem pole, seems to me to be the one guy who doesn’t have an axe to grind with me or WNST.  So, we had a 3-week partnership where Scott and I “talked baseball” and sifted through player moves, injuries and spring training games.  

No offense to the OH, but they’ve done NOTHING for me…and I gave them three weeks of prime air time — mainly to talk baseball with someone in town loosely affiliated with the Orioles who doesn’t mistreat me and has enough pertinent information at hand to satisfy the needs of listeners and WNST.net readers.  

Today, they finally did do something for me.  

They treated me the same way the Orioles treat me.  Poorly.

For some reason – and I haven’t even asked them why because, frankly, no reason would be acceptable – the Hangout just decided to delete the thread dealing with the Matusz interview.  That thread, by the way, included a variety of comments and observations from OH regulars.  It’s one thing to s**t on me – I’m the guy who “hates the team”, remember? – but to drop your drawers on your own people?  I don’t understand that one at all.

It’s a move the Orioles would have pulled, if you want the truth.

Birds of a feather…flock together.  Right?

In this case, they sure do.