Orioles Have Issues

June 09, 2014 | Tom Federline

A little over one-third of the way in and this current Oriole team is no playoff contender. At this stage in the game, it does not even look like either of the two wild cards are going to come out of the east division. Don’t get me started on the TWO (2) wild card teams and one game winner-take all scenario. That is bogus! For future (and from a past) blog – I say 142 game season (players salaries adjusted/decreased), season is from mid-April to mid-September, 3 division winners/ 1 wild card, 3 out of 5 Division series, 3 out of 5 Championship series, 4 out of 7 World Series. Season over by 2nd week of October. Ok enough, had to get that out there. Bottom line – O’s at current rate there will be no October ball anyway.

Oriole Issues – challenged starting pitching, questionable middle relief, no closer threat (yet), minimal clutch hitting, to many men left on base, increased errors, no catcher and lack of team discipline. All that and they are in second place of the American League East with a 31 – 30 record. To put in perspective -that is the 7th best record out of 15 teams in the American League and 14th out of 30, in both leagues. It is amazing they have been able to hold on as long as they have, considering the inflated pitching ERA and loss of their major signal caller and part backbone of the team (Wieters).

I see a team not focused. Next time you’re at the Yards, check out the dugout, during and in between innings. Buck-Buck does NOT have a handle on the boys. There should be a rule – ‘No one goes down the tunnel unless you are due up and require warm-ups for your at-bat. No buffet snacking during game. No video games. Just stay out of the tunnel and all it’s amenities.” Watch game, with teammates, on bench. That should not be tough requirement for the over-paid, spoiled, self-indulged roster players. Buck-Buck should remind them of their hourly rate.

I see a major bust in Jimenez. BTW – nice move Orioles magazine editor – putting Ubaldo-more on the cover of the first Oriole magazine this year. See blog from Opening Day – “Play Ball”.  One, maybe two decent games? He’s 2 -7 with a 5.01 ERA. Yeah, there’s a #2 starter for ya. “O” wait-a-minute, that’s right the weather has to warm up in order for him to perform at a comfortable level. Hmmm – seemed pretty warm to me for about a month now.

I saw a youngster breakdown and act his age this past weekend. Well, actually the over-paid, spoiled, self-indulged “star-in-the-making” acted more like a 10 year old. Team discipline? Manny-O-Manny, did you need your Mommy this weekend? Over -reaction on Friday night. Whined all weekend. Lackluster performance on his Bobblehead night annnnnnnnnd thennnnnnnn, yesterdays throwing of the bat. Fine him, suspend him, send him to his room with no snack before bed time. Maybe he was just miffed that they used a JJ Hardy look-a-like bobblehead instead of using the picture of himself he has hanging above his bed as the model.

Whatever the case, Machado still has some growing up to do. Ok, he’s still young, he will be 22 in July. Nope, not buying that one either. He needs a mentor. He needs a taste of Humble Pie.  He needs a butt kicking. He also needs to be put in the 6th hole and out of the #2 spot. He’s an inning killer. In particular, the first inning. Markakis is rolling at that top spot and it’s getting wasted. This is a case for Buck-Buck, Jones or Markakis to take control in the clubhouse. Actually, it’s a job for his parental units. Enough of that embarrassing situation.

The team appears in disarray at the moment. The boys holding this thing together are: Markakis, Jones, Cruuuuuz (until they pop him for juicy juice again) and Hardy. Pitching: Thank you Wei-Yin Chen, Bud Norris and Zach Britton – saving graces. Wieters being out – hurts offensively and defensively. The captain on the field is out and it shows. If the Orioles stay at current pace, it’s going to be a frustrating year. It’s time for Buck-Buck to “Whip It” – Devo. And whip it good! Get the boys back on track. How about one step at a time – just beat the Bosox!




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  1. JC Says:

    Nice synopsis of where things are with our beloved Orioles.
    Looks like starting pitching has done their job since the blog, but bats are still falling short.
    As for Manny, obviously someone ‘splained to him how the game is played at this level because the apropriate apology was finally issued. Hopefully it came from Markakis, Cruz or Jones, not Buck.
    Perhaps someone gave him Roberto Alomar’s phone number and told Manny that Roberto could explain what happens to your career when you do something stupid on the field (like spitting in the umpire’s face)
    If the Orioles do end up playing any meaningful games in September, I’m sure opposing fans will remind him of the Oakland series.

    Still lots of ball left, but I agree, without Weiters it ain’t lookin good.

  2. Fedman Says:


    Ok, Wieters officially gone for a year. Up for arbitration – injury should hurt his side of negotiations. Arm is probably shot for catcher position. Now what? First base – O’s already have 2. DH – kinda diggin’ past cheater – Cruuuuuuuuuz.

    The issue is – loss of signal caller/field captain. This year – 2014 playoffs. The O’s can continue with this Caleb Joseph/ Nick Hundley platoon, but they need a bat back there. The kid from Brooklyn/ Mt. St. Joe, Steve Clevenger can hit, just a little challenged behind the plate. Somebody needs to step up.

    Machado – for now, just no comment. Keep him batting 6th. I heard Jones, Markakis and Hardy had a little talk with him. I still think he’s not getting any snack before bedtime.

    Thanks for the feedback. Keep ’em rolling.


  3. unitastoberry Says:

    Orioles lack the knockout punch needed to win it all. Close but no cigar.

  4. Fedman Says:


    Current Knockout Punch – Steve Pearce! RUKM? Hope you have caught his performance this past week and month for that matter? Sit Davis!
    Yes, I know Texas has like 15 people on the DL – but who cares? O’s won when they had to – for once. Seize the Moment.
    I have cigars (mainly for the golf course), but I have cigars.
    Thanks for the feedback. Keep ’em rolling.


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