Orioles Needs and Struggles and Joe Saunders?

June 29, 2012 | Stephen Daniels

Robert Andino, Wilson Betemit, Chris Davis and Mark Reynolds, these are our rotation of 3rd and/or 1st basemen. Our Corner infield has caused us the most problems this year and has the most errors on the team. GM Dan Duquette said in an interview earlier this past week that the Orioles would be Buyers come Trade Deadline and as much as I think we could use at least one or two more starters; the corner infield is a must if we plan to make it to make a run at the postseason.

Now I don’t want to speculate on names because not too many come to mind when I think of potential corner infielders who have a decent glove and good bat that could be available at the trade deadline. But I will say if we can find a player that meets those criteria at the corner infield spots it would totally be an upgrade for this lineup without question. Especially with our bats not doing so hot at the moment, errors and leaving runners in scoring position has been the keystone to the orioles struggles as of late!

Now on to the pitching, with the exception of Wei-Yin Chen and Jason Hammel there hasn’t been much consistency with the Orioles Starting Pitching staff this year. Arrieta, Hunter and a few other pitchers that have been thrown into the 5th spot in the rotation have turned out to be very inconsistent and disappointing. There will be a lot of names to choose from in the coming weeks for a couple of hurlers in the back of the rotation. We don’t have to go out and get a Matt Garza or a Zach Grinke or a Ryan Dempster that would make us deplete some of our talented minor leaguers. I don’t think that well have to give up much to get a back of the end rotation pitcher. There is one name I want you to look at though and that pitcher has got very similar numbers to our ace at the moment Jason Hammel. Arizona Diamondback Pitcher Joe Saunders who is on the DL at the moment has very good numbers that compare to Hammel. Saunders ERA is 3.44 while Hammel’s is 3.29; Saunders has given up 31 Earned Runs while Hammel has given up 34. Hammels WHIP is 1.44 and Saunders is 1.38, if we could find a way to get this guy as long as long as he is healthy we wouldn’t have to give up much and he is under the radar with a 4-5 record. Point blank with a healthy Saunders along with Hammel and Chen we could get some quality innings from our starters with just those three pitchers!

There are a lot of other names out there but I wanted to put Joe Saunders name in the heads of Oriole fans because the Diamondbacks have talked about moving him at the trade deadline. With another starting pitcher, maybe two more decent bats that can play the corner infield and everyone healthy; The Baltimore Orioles can make a run in the second half of the season. Oriole Fans do not give up just yet there is still another whole half of a season to go and if we win Friday and Saturday that will be 4 straight months of above .500 winning baseball dating back to last year. Keep your heads up and support the Orange Crush!

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