Orioles Nostalgia: Ever heard of Pat “The Bugler” Walker? Circa 1982 with video

June 11, 2009 |

I was born in 1974 so I was well aware of “Wild Bill” Hagy when I was a child. He was always up in “that section over there” and I never understood why the seats that my Dad and I had were never in or near section 34.

Now that I am older, I understand that a raucous beer drinking section was not the spot for a young kid.

Anyway, there was another character running around Memorial Stadium who I seemed to have missed. Pat “The Bugler” Walker was apparently a fixture at the park as is shown in the clip above of an episode of Baltimore’s Evening Magazine TV show.

Pat would go throughout the stadium playing his bugle on a daily basis as he “entertained the fans” with his various calls.

All I can say is watch the video and you will get a smile one way or the other. And make sure you watch it all the way through to see the reaction from “Wild Bill” when Pat shows up in section 34.

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